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Practical Living

Nutrition:  Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

  Optimizing Our Nutrition as We Age Preference
  Making Raw Food a Part of Your Diet Preference
  Street Smarts Preference
  Learner-Centered Teaching:  Designing Effective Workshops for Adults Enrollment
  Problem Solving Methods Preference
  From Transition to Transformation:  Making the Most of Life's Changes Preference
  Relieving Computer Related Distress Enrollment
  Walking - The Complete Exercise Enrollment

Creative Living - The Arts

Exploratory Watercolors for Parent and Child Enrollment
  Watercolor Play for Adults Preference
  Learning to Really See by Drawing Enrollment
  Improving Your Color Sense Preference
  Reclaiming Your Singing Voice Enrollment
  Writing Lyrics From Your Heart and Mind Preference
  A Little Bit of Music Enrollment
  Practicing the Art of Conscious Musical Performance Preference
  Practicing the Art of Conscious Musical Conducting Preference
  Whole Life Acting Preference
  Fun and Awareness Through Improvisation Enrollment
  Personal Story Telling Enrollment
  Jump-Starting Creativity Preference

Creative Living  -  Personal Growth

Super-Learning:  Learn More Quickly by Dealing With Your Thoughts and Feelings Preference
  Listening for Better Communication Preference
  Mental Health and Creativity Preference
  Playful Adults = Smarter, More Joyful Adults Preference
  Deepening Our Relationship With Our Elders Preference
  Driving From the Right Side of the Mind:  A Metaphor For Living Preference
  Parent 2 Parent Preference
  Working With Problem Students Preference
  What's Wrong With Men Today?  Nothing! Preference
  Exploring Male Oppression Preference
  Love in Action:  Practical Ways to End the Cycle of Violence Enrollment
  Nonjudgment:  The Power of Loving Acceptance and How it Can Change Your Life Preference
  Releasing Anger, Embracing Peace:  The Art of Self Management Preference
  How to Resolve Conflict and Create Peace in Your Own Family Preference
  Menopause:  What a Man Needs To Understand About A Woman Preference
  Recovering From Loss Preference
  From Transition to Transformation:  Making the Most of Life's Changes Preference

Spiritual Living

Developing a Spiritual Lifestyle: The Fundamentals of Conscious Living Enrollment
  Living in the Love Preference
  Embracing the Unknown in Each Moment Enrollment
  Share the Blessing Preference
  Deep Thinking - Plumbing the Ocean of Thought Preference
  Changing Your Life Through Visualization and Affirmation Enrollment
  The Spiritual Roots of Self Esteem Preference
  Whatever Happens is Perfect - Seeing Perfection in an Imperfect World Preference
  Seeking Peace in Religion - When There are So Many From Which to Choose Preference

Conscious Business

How to Start a Business Preference
  Exploring the Entrepreneurial Experience Preference
  Exploring the Manager's Experience Preference
  A Pragmatic Approach to Team Development Preference

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