This workshop is designed for people who want to know more about themselves - who want to make a new effort to understand the meaning and purpose of their lives and who want to grow out of their current state of being and discover new ways of deepening their connection with their fundamental nature and their world.
Classes Supporting Spiritual Living
We all live in the unknown, but how many assumptions do we add to the limited information truly available? This class will explore the benefit of becoming aware of, and accepting of, the unknown, which is present in every minute of our lives.
Learning to discern and to choose The Love is the focus of this class.  The Love is something we let flow through us. We can't give it away, we can only increase the flow, or stop the flow.
We plan for the future based on what we observe and learn from the past, but even this can only take place in the Now. Bringing this into awareness helps penetrate the mystery of relativity - of what is only now. We honor the clock and calendar as tools, but we are no longer a slave to either.
This weekly study group is presented at no charge. Its purpose is to provide a forum for everyone to share the blessings they have or are experiencing in their life. If the terms grace, miracle, and blessing have taken on a deeper meaning in your life and you'd like to share your experience and hope, please join us.
What is the nature of deep thinking? How are new ideas generated? How are deep thoughts manifested? Explore the benefits of deep thinking, and learn how to access the universal source of thoughts that is always available to us when we make the effort to tap into it.
Explore the power of visualization and affirmation to create desired changes in all areas of your life. This class will help to shift our thinking from I'll believe it when I see it to I'll see it when I believe it.
Our class explores how to build a confidence and assurance that is based on our unchanging spiritual nature.
What is perfection?  Does it exist in this world?  If so, can we perceive it? In this class we will discover how we can turn so-called negative experiences into blessings and personal growth.
Discover how to bridge the gap of our own learned prejudice, fear and confusion when speaking with sincere members of faiths other than our own.  Explore new ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing this dilemma of authentic, meaningful communication between different faiths.  
What is CLF
Share the Blessings
Facilitator: Bill Simpson
Fundamentals of Conscious Living
Teacher: Bill Simpson
Living in the Unknown
Teacher: Tom Rook
Teacher: Tom Rook
Living in the Love
Teacher: Tom Rook
Living in the Now
Deep Thinking - Plumbing the Ocean of Thought
Teacher: Jeff Braucher
Teacher: Jeff Braucher
Teacher: Jeff Braucher
Changing Your Life Through Visualization and Affirmation
The Spiritual Roots of Self-Esteem
Whatever Happens Is Perfect - Seeing Perfection in an Imperfect World
Teacher: Jeff Braucher
Class Preferences
Seeking Peace In Religion - When There Are So Many From Which To Choose
Teacher: Tom Rook