Class Topic:  Seeking Peace In Religion - When There Are So Many From Which To Choose
Discover how to bridge the gap of our own learned prejudice, fear and confusion when speaking with sincere members of faiths other than our own.
A one day workshop to stimulate openness of the heart while being humble about the unlimited and unique ways of life's expression of itself.  Exploring new ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing this dilemma of communication between different faiths.  

Building on our strong personal faith, without ego attachment to group-think.  Speaking from the I without judgment, and with acceptance of the other I.  Allowing for difference and learning to see the 'hologram' that emerges when honest language and cultural forms bring clearer dimensions to what might otherwise be only habit.  

Protecting the 'truth' we find in our heart.  Resisting the temptation of novelty for the sake of being 'new'.  Accepting various Traditions while seeing the value of new ways of viewing Truth.  

Topics include:

Can we find humor as we search for truth in religion, including our own,
without giving or taking offense?

The pain and wonder of plural religions in the USA.

The contribution of the 12 Step movement, both spiritual and psychological.

Facing the conflicts in practicing:
  Loyalty, Conformity, and Independent conscience.

Accepting the limitations of culture and language.
  The No-Thing. --  The Spirit.  -- Beyond the Beyond.
   Power, authority and good intentions.
   Humility and Faith.
  The truth of the felt-sense of the heart.

The shock of finding:
  error in one's chosen religion.
  truth and integrity in other religions.
  that I no longer have the Only truth.

The difficulty in identifying who you are.
  The need for community, and the resistance to conformity.
  The conflict of democracy vs. authority in religion, and facing limitations.

Small to large workshop (1 class)
Classes and Teachers
Note:  The teacher wants to limit the size of this class to 6 to 18 Students.  

The fee for the class will vary depending upon the number of students who register and you will be notified of the exact fee required before you commit to attending.  

For example, if only 6 students register, the fee will be $35 per class.  If 12 to 18 students register, the fee will be $25 per class.  

For this specific class, payment of the total fee for the single class is requested.  Please see "Fees" for more information on how the fees vary depending upon class size.
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Teacher - Tom Rook