The Conscious Living Foundation's Classes


The classes presented by The Conscious Living Foundation fall into five general categories, listed below.  

The definition of these categories is not rigid and distinct.  You may find related classes in different categories.

We suggest that you peruse all of the classes by category in order to read a detailed description of each class and to assure that you have a complete awareness of the variety of classes that we offer

Complete Class List - However, for a simple list of all our class titles on one page, without any descriptions, click Here.

Our classes are presented in two stages of readiness; those which already have a specific date to begin and those which have not yet been scheduled pending your expression of your preferences.

Classes Open For Enrollment - If you are interested in exploring only those classes which have a specific starting date, in which you can presently enroll, click Here.

Discounts - For information on the discounts we offer for those who are taking more than one class or are able to bring their friends to their class, click Here.



Practical Living


Creative Living - The Arts


Creative Living - Personal Growth


Spiritual Living


Conscious Business


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