Discounts on Classes

In order to encourage new students to attend our classes, we are offering two ways of reducing the cost of your class fees.  One method is based on taking more than one class simultaneously.  The second is based on your friends joining you in taking one or more of our classes.  These discounts apply to both our location based workshops and our telecourses.  These two methods and examples of the discounts associated with them are as follows;

Taking More Than One Class Simultaneously Total Class Series Taken Total Fee Discount Discounted Total Fees
  1 $25 0% $25
  2 $50 10% $45
  3 $75 20% $60
  4 $100 30% $70
Finding Friends To Join Your Classes Total Friends Who Join Your Fee Per Class Discount Your Discounted Fee Per Class
  0 $25 0% $25
  1 $25 10% $22.50
  2 $25 20% $20
  3 $25 30% $17.50

          These two types of discounts can be combined, but the maximum discount that can be applied to any one student is 30%. 

            In order to apply the discount for taking more than one class, the classes must be taken simultaneously.  When a class is added, the discount is applied from the date of the new classes first meeting.  When a class is completed, the reduced discount is applied to all classes meeting after the date of completion.

            In order to apply the discount for finding friends to join your class, they must be attending the same class at the same location and meeting time as you.  The discount will be applied beginning the date that your friend starts attending your class.  If your friend should not continue to attend, the discount will be reduced on the first class meeting when he or she no longer attends.

        Take A Class Series For Free:  In addition to the discounts mentions above, you may take a class series for free if you convince five of your friends to enroll for any CLF class series.  They do not need to enroll in the same class as you; they do not need to enroll in the same class as each other - just any CLF class series.  If you find 5 friends to enroll you attend for free.

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