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 The Conscious Word - Daily Affirmations Emailed Directly To You -

You already know that practicing affirmations is a great way of improving your health, increasing your happiness and awakening your receptivity to prosperity and all the good you desire in your life.  Now The Conscious Living Foundation has created a new method of supporting you in your efforts. 

The Conscious Word contains an inspiring affirmation, with instructions on how to practice it, emailed directly to you each day of the year.  By practicing the affirmation which we email to you for 3 to 4 minutes a day, you create an effective tool that will help you experience an ongoing positive change in your life. 

Now is the time to make a new effort to take control of your life with just one small step toward the positive changes you've been seeking.  For more information and an example issue, just click Here. 


Please remember that the quality and display size of the audio and video selections which you see on this web site, because of the limitations of internet technology, are inferior to those on our DVDs and CDs which are available for purchase. 





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