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The Conscious Living Foundation attempts to serve you, in part, through the products and services that we offer on this website.  However, we can not offer every product and service that each of us wants or needs in order to function effectively in our lives.

This page displays and discusses other resources which we have discovered over time.  Hopefully they will offer you additional support in fulfilling your needs.

If, after contacting or using any of the follow resources, you are dissatisfied; please email us at to provide details.  We have no wish to continue to offer a resource which is not providing appropriate products or services.

    Resource Categories:

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Plants, Trees, Flowers & Bulbs:

   Bonsai Boy of New York -                                                          

This is a very unique site.  Their primary products are Bonsai Trees.  However, their policies as a company are quite customer supportive.  Within a week after you receive your tree, if you're not satisfied with it, they will provide you with a replacement, an exchange or a full refund - no questions asked.  That certainly reduces the risk!

We are not Bonsai experts, but they say they have the lowest prices and the largest selection on the Internet. We have spent considerable time on their site and their selection of trees is extraordinarily large.  They also offer a life-time guarantee.   In addition to Bonsai they also offer an extensive selection of table top fountains, waterfalls and other similar items.

The last time we were on their site, their lowest priced tree was $19.95 and they had a significant selection of products in the $24.95 to $29.95 range.  However, prices can go significantly higher for some of their larger and more exotic products.

If you want to bring a little bit more of nature into your room or office, we would suggest visiting Bonsai Boy.  Click HERE to visit their site.


   FlowerFarm.Com -                                                                    

Flowers are such a great gift and it's so easy to send them without leaving your home - we've tried several florists and flower sites trying to find something special.  They all seemed pretty much the same.  There are some differences though. 

Sometimes there's an issue about how long they take to deliver, and sometimes, the flowers aren't especially fresh, and of course, there are differences in price.

With FlowerFarm.Com, these issues are all resolved in the positive.  However, they go even further.  Their prices are quite competitive, their freshness excellent and they deliver when you want - but - they deliver in over 40 countries (with same day delivery).  This allowed us for the first time, to send the great gift of flowers to friends and relatives who were outside the U.S.  The alternative is shipping non-perishable gifts which is usually expensive and slow in delivery.

In addition, FlowerFarm.Com also offers one more feature we've rarely found - creativity in their arrangements.  Typically, the arrangements all look pretty much the same, regardless of the florist you choose, however, with FlowerFarm.Com, in addition to the usual selections, they offer beautiful and unique arrangements we've not seen anywhere else.  The picture in the upper right corner is one example.  Isn't that a great color combination?  To visit their site, click:


  Tree Givers -

This is a very unique site with a very unique product/service idea.  They sell trees.  However, you pay to have a tree planted in the state of your choice and the tree can be dedicated to your favorite person, organization, pet, etc..

If you make a purchase, you're taking several great actions simultaneously.  First, you're giving a special continuing gift; second, you're helping support the environment by renewing our forests with more trees, plus, you're helping provide cleaner air and increasing the natural beauty of our country!  This is the gift that keeps on giving...

There are also options to plant trees in some other countries.  And the recipient of your gift gets a personal card from you plus a certificate (framed if you wish) telling about their tree.  Prices start at $29.95.

They have two special programs that really interested us: (To access either one, look for the "Tree Seedlings" link at the top right of their home page.)

First, if you wish to purchase trees for yourself, they will ship tree seedlings direct to you - The price is $15 for 5 seedlings (includes free shipping).

Second, they have a "Tropical Forest Package" that includes 10 young trees planted in one of several Central or South American countries, plus 1 tree planted in the state of your choice, plus an Earth Day certificate and note for $29.95!

To visit their site click -

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Gifts and Collectibles:

   SienaJulia.Com -

For something that is a little more upscale, you might consider this site which imports items from France, Italy, England, Russia, the Czech Republic, Colombia and various other countries.  Their range of products is quite large, their prices very reasonable and many of the items are hand made.  One of the interesting characteristics of the site is that you can also find out details about the artists who created each item.

If you're looking for something that you won't usually find in the U.S., this is one place to look.  The quality of all their products is quite high and if you take your time, you can find some quite good values as well.  Although prices and availability are subject to change; here are two examples:

Designer Floral Pin

Designer Floral Pin

A purple-silver brooch with floral design covered with glass. Mounted in an antique style frame with clear stones around the edges. Imported.

   $29 (price and availability subject to change)

Pink Camellia Photo Frame

Pink Camellia Photo Frame

This frame is uniquely sculpted from crushed marble and adorned with beautiful hand-painted camellias sure to liven up any room. Showcase someone special in this befittingly elegant frame or impress a friend with it as a gift.   Imported from England.

    $38  (price and availability subject to change)

Click Here to visit their site.


  Candle Bay -

Something that a lot of us use are candles.  I was amazed at the number of different candles they have on this site - literally thousands of different kinds.  It's impossible to even show the different categories - so here are just a few of our favorites:

Aromatherapy Spa Candles - Soothing Assortment

Aromatherapy Spa Candles - Soothing Assortment

Wash away stress and warm the soul with these soothing 3-Pc Aromatherapy Sets. Soothing Assortment comes with Merlot Scent Fresh Forest Scent and Vanilla Berry Scent. Dawn's Early Light Assortment comes with Evergreen Scent Blueberry Scent and Fig Melon Scent. Friends & Family Assortment comes with Sugar Plum Scent Spiced Cookies Scent and Gingerbread Spice Scent.

   $25  (price and availability subject to change)

Bamboo Basket Candle Set - 8 Assorted Scents

Bamboo Basket Candle Set - 8 Assorted Scents

As if the bamboo basket wasn't cute enough it comes with eight assorted scented candles in ceramic cups. Perfect for gift giving or just lighting each one individually around the house.

  $6  (price and availability subject to change)

Energizing Soy Candles - 6-Pc Tealight Set

Energizing Soy Candles - 6-Pc Tealight Set

Escape from the stress of modern life with products that treat the world gently. That's the philosophy behind our redeveloped soy-based Retreat Living Collection. Why Soy? Soy candles burn at least 30% longer than paraffin candles burn cleanly emitting no soot...we use soy grown on American farms...Soy right for today. All candles are day light scented. Available as a filled jar candles a 3 x 3 inch pillar candle and a 6-Pc Tealight set that contains 5 tealights and one round glass tealight holder as pictured.

   $9.50  (price and availability subject to change)

One of the extra benefits of the site is that you can get free shipping on any size order - Regardless of How Small Your Order May Be!  Just click on Free Shipping and then enter coupon code CBSHIP at checkout.  This applies to any of their candles and their accessory products..

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Health And Personal Care:

  Kalyx Herbs, Health Foods, Supplements, Bath & Aromatherapy -

If you are making an effort to take care of your body, then one component of that effort has got to be what you put in it.  This site is really exciting because it has such a wide range of products that are suited for those who are trying to be more conscious of what they ingest.

They offer just about every herb imaginable, both in bottled form and in bulk.  They even have separate sections for "Bulk Herbs" and "Chinese Herbs" - quite a wide choice.

In addition that have an excellent selection of supplements that are listed by their uses, so that you don't need to know the name of a supplement or herb, but merely that you want help with "Cold and Flu", "Cholesterol", "Weight Control" or "Vision Control" for example.

I found their home page to lay out in a very clear, organized and attractive way the extraordinarily large selection of health products that they offer.  In addition to the obvious they also offer household cleansing products, teas, hair, face and dental care products, natural sweets and kitchenware all provided from a healthy, natural perspective.

We've attached a Search Box to their site so that you can see at a glance if they have something you like, or you can click the banner at the top of this article to go directly to their home page:

Search for any product or keyword.


    SelfHelpWorks -

This is an unusual organization.  It is very focused on aiding us in over-coming three specific addictions:  Smoking, Alcohol and Over Eating.

Their entire treatment occurs over the net with various audio, video and text components.  This allows the user to pick his own times to work the course and to work at his or her own pace and the program supports even very slow dial-up modems.

In comparison with other similar courses, the prices are quite reasonable, starting at about $40 and their success rates appear to be very high.  Included in their program are personalized feedback, community support, and a full refund guarantee!!!

They have samples of their courses available on the site at no charge.  If you're fighting one of these addictions, you have nothing to lose by taking a look at the site - I've got a feeling it could really help.

You can visit them by clicking on:


  Dental Plans (A Comparison Resource) -

If you already have a dental plan, then you are greatly blessed.  But for many of us, we're putting off needed dental care because we can't afford the high fees.  This web site could be a terrific solution.

First, the site is not promoting a dental plan.  They are not selling any particular plan - they are a Resource for the comparison of a large variety of dental plans. 

Their function is to gather all available dental plans for your area and then help you to compare them.  There is no preference for any particular plan - instead they provide cost comparisons, areas of coverage, examples of what the usual costs are and how much each plan will pay for various treatments.

They even list the names, addresses and phone numbers of dentists under each plan - all customized for your specific area.  The lowest priced plans were $79 a year.  To find out lots more, click:  Quality Affordable Dental Care!


  Vons -

  Safeway -

OK, this may be a little strange - but here's the way we thought this out:

Everybody has to eat (well, ok, almost everybody....).  So we're all paying money to buy groceries.  Now, you may not like Vons or Safeway - you may shop somewhere else; or Vons or Safeway may not even be available in your area - but for those who do have Vons or Safeway and think that shopping there is fine - online shopping for groceries is an unbelievable opportunity.

The bottom line is this - They charge either $5, $8 or $10 to deliver your groceries to your home depending on how quickly you want them and the total amount of your purchase. 

Now consider:  You drive from where ever you are to the grocery store - park the car - walk through the store making your selections - then wait in line to make your purchases - then drive home - then carry the bags from your car into your home.  All of these activities are taken care of for you for $5 to $10!!!

Depending on what kind of vehicle you drive and how far you have to drive - the fuel savings alone could pay for a good part of the delivery fee.  In addition, the time savings is enormous.  It's worth noting that both the Vons site and Safeway sites appear to be the same (Does Vons own Safeway?) and they have a great interface to make your shopping very quick and efficient - the items that you purchase regularly, can be ordered with one click!

By taking advantage of this service, we are also helping to reduce pollution and traffic!  If you shop for groceries once a week, that's 52 times a year that you are choosing to not be on the road.  Maybe you already knew about this - but it's news to us and we think it's great! 

Unfortunately, this service is only available in selected areas - (Each of these includes the suburbs of the primary area) Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Las Vegas NV, Seattle WA., Portland OR, Sacramento CA and San Francisco / Bay Area CA.  

If you want to know more, click:

Or:. Shop online today at


Pet Care: -                                                                            

Petscriptions is an online, discount pet pharmacy.  Using this organization is a great way of saving money, because the price of the medications appear very reasonable and the choices are vast. 

Their products include vitamins, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, dental care, skin and hair care, tranquilizers and hormones in addition to the more typical problems such as fleas, hairballs and worms. 

One of the reasons this site is so appealing is because, in addition to western medicines, homeopathic medications are also available for our pets!   Click Here to visit their site.



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