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Many of us use affirmations as one of our daily practices to improve our lives.  There are many excellent affirmations available from various sources.  This page is designed to be a place where we can share the affirmations that we love the most.

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The Indwelling Spirit

For Health

General Affirmation For Overall Happiness, Health, Wealth And Wisdom

God As The Doer

Self Esteem

A New Day

For Protection

The Power of Love:

I Am The Love of God In Expression

The Life of God Within Me Radiates and Shines Forth

Desires Within Me For Anything Is God's Promise

I Am God's Manifestation

I Am a Highly Influential Person

My Seeming Impossible Good Now Comes To Pass

I Am Still and Receptive To Life

My Fearless Confident Faith

God Is My Friend




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The indwelling Spirit within me,

          Provides all the life and health,

         All the strength and peace and joy,

         All the wisdom and support

         That I will ever need or desire.

                    It is the spring of all joy, comfort and power.

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)



You already know that practicing affirmations is a great way of improving your health, increasing your happiness and awakening your receptivity to prosperity and all the good you desire in your life.  Now The Conscious Living Foundation has created a new method of supporting you in your efforts. 

The Conscious Word contains an inspiring affirmation, with instructions on how to practice it, emailed directly to you each day of the year.  By practicing the affirmation which we email to you for 3 to 4 minutes a day, you create an effective tool that will help you experience an ongoing positive change in your life. 

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I am the love of God in expression.

          I let God's love

         Guide, direct and inspire me.

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)


For Health:

"Everything that God has made is good, it could not be otherwise.  In a universe that is intelligent, constructive and purposeful my experience of normal, natural health is my rightful state.  I know that health is always mine to experience and that it is always available to me in accordance with my acceptance of it.  I continually accept health in my every thought and emotion.


As I maintain health in my mind, that is what I experience in my body.  I now free myself from any tendency on my part, or that of others, to say that health is not mine.  I build my health, I maintain my health, thought by thought and nothing can deter me in my acceptance of the perfection of the One Life as active and creative in and through me.

 I remove all ideas of fear and anxiety about my body and leave it free to perfectly manifest its perfect pattern - an idea in the Mind of God.  Infinite Intelligence governs all the functions of my body and as I keep my own thinking clear and receptive to Its action, health is mine.

 Today and every day I insure God's gift of health to me by the healthy pattern of my thinking, which permits nothing unlike it to be entertained in my mind or body.

 I am healthy, and I remain healthy, through my knowledge that what God creates is good.  I accept health as my normal state and insure its continuance by discarding all thoughts to the contrary."


The life of God within me radiates and shines forth from me

in a constant stream of Light to all.

           The One Life flowing through me

is Life to all who come near.

            The One Power operating through me

is flowing into everything that I contact.

          Life radiates from me.

(from Affirmations By Ernest Holmes)


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Desire in my heart for anything

     is Godís sure promise sent beforehand,

        that it is mine already in the realm of supply.

      And whatever I desire,

         I can have for the taking.

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)


General Affirmation For Overall Happiness, Health, Wealth And Wisdom:

ďI am Supremely Happy right now.  I am Inundated with Joy, Enthusiasm, Exuberance and Bliss. 

I am Permeated with Complete and Perfect Strength, Health and Vitality.

I am Vibrantly Alive with Youth, Ambition and the Power to Succeed!

I am Financially Secure and Increasingly Abundant, Prosperous and Successful.

I am in tune with Thee.&nbs p; Al l my Good is Right Here Ė Right w!  I am Greatly Blessed.

I am Immortal Light, I am Unending Peace, I am Eternal Joy.  I am Perfect and Immortal.  I am Thy Child.  Nothing is Too Good for me as a Child of God.

Thy Radiant Light Saturates My Being.  All is Well.&nb1p; I feel Wonderful, I feel Terrific!

Every Part of Creation is Perfectly Shaped and Molded to Manifest My Conviction, and So It Is!

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!Ē

(This is the affirmation that is learned on the "Practicing Affirmations" CD.)


I am Godís manifestation,

so Godís life, love, wisdom and power

flow into and through me in every moment.

I am one with God

and governed by divine Law.

(from Affirmations By Ernest Holmes)

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God As The Doer:

"As I relax and cast aside all mental burdens,

I allow God to express through me, His perfect love, peace and wisdom"

- Paramahansa Yogananda



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Self Esteem:

"The more I like myself the more others like themselves."

"Nothing is too good for me as a child of God.  I deserve the best!"



"I am a highly influential person,
Everything I do,
Effects everyone around me."

(Submitted by Hannah J. Wratten)



As A Man Thinketh by James Allen on Audio CD -

If you don't have time to read "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen, try listening to it while you drive or go out for a walk.  Make use of your time to improve your life.

"He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure. His every thought is allied with power and all difficulties are bravely met and wisely overcome. Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force."

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My seeming impossible good now comes to pass,

          the unexpected now happens!

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)




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A New Day:

"This is a new and wonderful day for me,

there will never be another day like this one."



I am still and receptive to Life.

     I let Life flow through me

into all that I do, say or think. 

I shall let my Life be what it is,

and shall not worry nor complain.

I am now entered into the Secret Place of the Soul

       where complete quiet reigns supreme

and where God talks to me.

         I receive.

(from Affirmations By Ernest Holmes)



For Protection:

"The light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me;

Wherever I am, God is!"

- James Dillet Freeman



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Affirmations That Work -

We all now understand the power of practicing Affirmations.  We can take control of our lives by taking control of our thoughts.

This collection of 20 affirmations on CD, gives you the powerful thought seeds that you can cultivate through daily practice.  Turn your driving time into productive time and change your life!  Affirmations That Work - $14.95




I exercise my fearless confident faith

          By thinking, speaking and acting according to my faith.

      I am unmoved by appearances,

      Therefore appearances move.

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)



The Power of Love:

"Love - harmony, cooperation, and mutual assistance -

is the very foundation of my life. 

In my every thought, emotion, and action

I express only Love,

and this Divine Power makes everything right in my world."




For additional affirmations, click here.



God is always good, always love.

         God never changes, no matter

          What I do or may have done.

           God is my friend and my life


(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)


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