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Welcome To Conscious Friends
March 22, 2009

Hello and welcome to Conscious Friends, a community of The Conscious Living Foundation!

As you know, our site was created to support those interested in spiritual and personal growth. Along the way, many of us have realized that relationships are an important part of creating and maintaining a harmonious and uplifting life.

To that end, The Conscious Living Foundation is pleased to offer these pages on our site in the hope that we all can find new like-minded friends and perhaps develop deeper relationships.

There are several ways to visit these pages.� As a...more

50 Benefits of Meditation
June 17, 2008
Meditation literally means, "thinking process with present moment awareness".

1.) To have healthy heart.
2.) To have normal blood pressure.
3.) To have normal cholesterol.
4.) To prevent stroke / paralysis.
5.) To have perfect digestion.
6.) To have perfect weight.
7.) To have perfect sleep.
8.) To become a perfect choice maker.
9.) To reverse and regress ageing.
10.) To remain young.
11.) To prevent cancer.
12.) To become embodiment of positive emotions.
13.) To get rid of negative emotions. more

Is Consciousness Energy?
June 11, 2008
If you tune into someone's "vibrations," are you picking up some form of energy they are emitting - perhaps something we might call "psychic energy?"

It may be tempting to think so . . . to think of consciousness as a form of energy. But is it?

What might be going on when we say we feel someone's vibrations?

Well, one possibility is that their brain or their body could be sending out waves of energy - something, perhaps, like electricity. If so, it must be far more subtle than any form of energy known to...

100 Ideas for Creating a More Peaceful World
May 20, 2008

Creating world peace takes many forms, but surely it begins with individuals. Here are 100 ideas for creating a more peaceful world. Everyone can play a part in creating peace. It continues to be the most significant challenge of humankind and requires the efforts of each of us.

[The list contains only 97 Ideas because I removed broken links to defunct websites.

You can bring it back to 100 Ideas by adding your own for Creating a More Peaceful World!

When you do, take a moment to post your additions on the Conscious...more

Recipe for Simplicity
May 6, 2008

"Simplify, Simplify…" More than a century after Henry David Thoreau uttered these words, his plea for simplicity has more significance now than ever before.

We work hard and play hard, filling nearly every moment with activity. Most families believe they need two incomes to pay for a standard of living that has doubled in the last 50 years. But do we?

Based on my three-year study of over 200 people who have simplified their lives, I found that we can work less, want less, and spend less, and be happier and more fulfilled in the process.

Here are ten...more

Spiritual Diversity
April 29, 2008

To our pre-Christian spiritual ancestors, spirituality was both contemporary and relevant. In cultures where polytheism (the belief in many gods) was the rule, rather than the exception, individuals were given the ability to find their own beliefs and to choose their own spiritual paths based upon their personal needs and the calling of their own hearts. Households had specific deities that represented the prosperity and protection that the family hoped for their home. Agricultural festivals had gods that watched over the planting, the growing crops, and the harvest. This diverse pantheon of deities created a culture where a person would draw closest to the god...more

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Welcome to Conscious Friends

Tens of thousands of people visit The Conscious Living Foundation. Married or single, male or female, we all could use new friends who share our common interest in personal and spiritual growth. Discover how Conscious Friends can help you make new spiritual friends from all over the globe. Create your Conscious Friends profile to begin the exciting journey toward developing new, supportive, growth-producing relationships.

THE VISION - Joined together we can create a world-wide Spirit village, a global community of high-minded individuals who can help uplift and serve in unique and important ways.

Why Your Profile Is Important

Creation of your profile serves two very important purposes. First, by completing the questionaires that make up your profile, you let others understand, in detail, the nature of your personality and interests. By viewing your profile, you give others a "first impression" of who you are and what you like to share.

Equally important, through the Search functions available once you have registered, you are able to locate those who have answered their questionaires in a way that is compatible with your own answers. Conscious Friends offers the most complete and integrated profile system on the Internet for those who genuinely want to make friends with other people interested in personal and spiritual growth.

These quesionaires are always evolving and if you have suggestions on additions or changes, please contact us. In the meantime, as soon as you register, begin the process of creating your own profile. It is the key to discovering and developing new, wonderful relationships.

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