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Often those of us who are trying to apply spiritual principles in our lives on a regular basis, have a seeming conflict with the ideas of success and prosperity.  Is it possible to be ever more attuned to Spirit and at the same time have increasing material prosperity and success?  These are the issues we want to address in this section of our site.

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Affirmations For Success and Prosperity

A Collection of Inspiring Quotations on Success

From the School of Pain to the School of Vision by Diane Harmony

It's A Generous Universe by Walter Cruttenden

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles


Affirmations For Success and Prosperity:

"I am a child of God and
I am increasingly abundant, prosperous and successful. 
I am designed by God to joyfully receive countless, untold blessings and bounty
through my relaxed willingness to receive. 
My cup runneth over with riches, wealth and every good gift of a generous God. 
My family is well and I am well.  All is well."


Desire in my heart for anything
 is God’s sure promise sent beforehand,
that it is mine already in the realm of supply.
And whatever I desire,

I can have for the taking

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)


I receive from God my unlimited good,
Of whatever kind I desire.
And I radiate that good to everyone I meet,
For as I give, so shall I receive.

(An affirmation from "The Conscious Word" daily affirmation)






The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles:

Wallace Wattles wrote a number of books including Health Through New Thought and Fasting, The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great, and The Science of Being Well, but it is for his prosperity classic, The Science of Getting Rich that he is best known.

As one source for ideas about how to incorporate prosperity and wealth into our lives, we offer Mr. Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich in both audio and e-book formats below.

Little is known about Wattles' life. He was born in the USA shortly after the civil war, and experienced much failure in his earlier years. Later in his life he took to studying the various religious beliefs and philosophies of the world including those of Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Swedenborg, Emerson, and others. It was through his tireless study and experimentation that he discovered the truth of New Thought principles and put them into practice in his own life. He began to write books outlining these principles. He practiced the technique of creative visualisation and as his daughter Florence relates, "He wrote almost constantly. It was then that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision. He lived every page ... His life was truly the powerful life."

You can download the complete book in audio format here:

   Side 1                      Side 2

    Side 3                      Side 4


The Science of Getting Rich E-book in "Word" format here.    In "PDF" format here.


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It’s a Generous Universe  By Walter Cruttenden

 Many sincere devotees seem to be conflicted about prosperity. It is almost as if they feel it is ok to be spiritual but not ok to be rich. I really don’t know how you separate the two but such an attitude makes it difficult to manifest our divine inheritance because we are, to a large extent, what we think. In other words, our world is a manifestation of our thoughts and energies and if we think it so - it will be so – for better or worse!

 As a young boy I used to read a lot of Uncle Scrooge and Richie Rich comic books. I liked the idea that they were so wealthy, not because the huge money bin was such a fun place to swim, but because they got to have fun and go on all these exciting adventures. They had their scientists make all sorts of cool gadgets and they searched for sunken treasure and traveled to lost cities and exotic locations around the world. I had a desire to do these things thus it seemed to me that money (stored up energy) was a very useful thing.

 As a late teen I started attending a meditation class in Tustin, California. Our teacher was a beautiful soul named Heartha, a minister with the Unity Church. I had already learned TM but she taught us further meditation techniques including visualization. In order to help us realize that those things we visualize eventually manifest, we spent some time making “Treasure Maps”. These were simply large sheets of brightly colored paper with pictures cut out from magazines; pictures of things we would like to have in our lives.

 At the time I did not think this was much different than any high school assignment, so with little thought, I cut out a picture of a car I would like to own some day, a house by the ocean, a large pile of cash and stock certificates, a watch and a few other things and pasted them, along with a written affirmation, on my treasure map. I think my affirmation was “I am joyous, rich and successful” or something like that. We were then told to put it in a place where we would see it every day and could repeat our affirmation. I put mine in my closet where my shirts hang. Every morning when I reached for a shirt I would see the picture and say the affirmation. 

 The universe is a mighty powerful thing. It is buzzing with electrons and all sorts of forces that we are hardly aware of. Although invisible, these forces have created an almost infinite number of stars and worlds and orbiting bodies that are moving at incredible speeds in a synchronous dance of endless creation. We know the beauty of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and some of the great mountains and beaches of this world but imagine the unknown wonders that these same natural forces have created on a trillion other worlds – it must be breathtaking! On a smaller scale these unseen forces have created our bodies, they pump our blood, help us breathe and digest our food, and enable us to move our muscles, think, work, communicate and create. Just as these forces manifest a universe of unimaginable beauty according to the celestial laws, so too do they work through us according to our attunement with cosmic law, as directed by our own thoughts and actions.

 Lest we think we should not request too much from the Universe or overtly use our innate powers to manifest, consider these words from Paramahansa Yogananda. He was very explicit in his advice:

 “Speak to the Father and ask for guidance and inspiration. Try to do little things in an extraordinary way. Strive to be the best one in your line of work. Release the power that you already have and more will come. Show the world that God’s creative principle works through you. Move on your path with unflinching determination. Tune in with cosmic power, and whether on the factory, in the business or professional world, or in the social world, always remember that the infinite creative power is within you and you are a God-man. You have the creative power of Spirit. You are in contact with the infinite Intelligence, which is able to guide you and to solve any and all problems. Power from the dynamic Source of your being flows through you and you are able to create revelations in the world of business, in the world of thought, or in the world of spiritual wisdom. You and your Father are one. His power and intelligence are yours. Work and meditate! (Lesson 77, p.6.)

 Clearly, it is OK to “tune in with cosmic power” and one of the best ways to do this besides meditating and “unflinching determination” is to give this power a very specific channel to manifest. Think about what is truly right for you, and then visualize it. And the best way to visualize is to write it down, be clear about what we want, better yet, make a little treasure map. Once we get off the fence the Universe seems to conspire to support us – it just wants a concrete plan.

 After a while my own treasure map was somehow lost to the back of my closet and I completely forgot about it. Then about ten years later in a move I came across it once again. The once bright green paper had yellowed and frayed around the edges and a few of the magazine pictures were coming unglued. I smiled remembering how many times I had repeated the affirmation on the bottom of the page - then it hit me. The car on the paper, a white Mercedes, once an impossible dream, was the one I was now driving. The watch, the cash the securities had all manifested in ample supply. And of course the house I was then moving to was one near the ocean, just as pretty as the picture I had cut out over ten years earlier. 

 It is a generous Universe. It loves to create. This manifestation scenario has played out again and again for countless people throughout history. It wants what we want but it needs a plan. In my own business, when we just made verbal wishes, it would seem they would only occasionally come true. But when we wrote them down in a business plan, met frequently to affirm them, got practical and applied all our resources with “unflinching determination”, they would almost always manifest.

 So we should not doubt the ability of this Universe  - it is infinitely generous. It has given us the capacity to manifest our heart’s desires.  Our job is to get in tune with this cosmic power and practice the teachings we have been given. Then, whether we want to write a book, own a business, get a new house - or even manifest a new consciousness - it can be done. It’s ok.

 Walter Cruttenden is Director of the Binary Research Institute, producer of The Great Year and author of Lost Star of Myth and Time, a new book about ancient cultures, cycles and the future of the world. He was formerly in the investment banking and venture capital business and now spends most of his time researching and writing on archaeology and astronomy.


If you don't have time to read "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen, try listening to it while you drive or go out for a walk.  Make use of your time to improve your life.

"He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure. His every thought is allied with power and all difficulties are bravely met and wisely overcome. Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force."

This book has inspired millions to begin again, to realize their power to transform their material and spiritual lives.  Now is the time for you to renew your promise to yourself.  Listen to this CD every day and feel the difference. As A Man Thinketh $14.95




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From The School of Pain to the School of Vision by Diane Harmony

Many, many of us have struggled with some aspect of lack in our lives – not enough time, opportunities, food, well-being, quality relationships, education, money, friends, etc., etc.  Whether we realize it or not, we have been using the pain of those “apparent” conditions as a very powerful teacher so that we may learn to know Oneness in God. Rather than allowing Vision to pull us into awareness of how beautiful, powerful, wonderful and holy we are, we have chosen to be pushed into that awareness through pain, believing that we are separate from the Infinite Source of all. Exquisitely tormented by the pain of not enough love, time, money and/or health we have been forced to resort to one or more of the following human solutions to our suffering:

·        We create addictions to work, drugs, food, alcohol, or sex to numb the pain; or

·        We live lives of quiet desperation, feeling like this condition must be the punishment we deserve for being such bad people, and hoping that by some miracle it will all go away; or

·        We grovel around for yet one more solution we can impose that will “fix” the situation or make it better, such as changing jobs, trying one more health cure, divorcing our mate, etc.

        Eventually, we will have exhausted any number of these methods and hit our wall. Feeling utterly defeated, we will know that the jig is up when we can’t haul our accumulated baggage forward one more step. Down on all fours under the unbearable weight of our “teacher,” pain, we can do nothing but wave the white flag of Truce and yell into the void, “I give up!” The end has finally come and we have no recourse but to “Let Go and Let God.” What an overwhelming time this is. 

        And what an enormously powerful time! Yes, powerful. Because it is only when our ego minds have run out of temporary solutions, avoidance patterns and rationalizations that the Mind of our Hearts can open to the Grace of God. Always there and waiting for an invitation from us, the Grace of God is truly the answer to our prayers and beseechings. When we embrace the Grace of God we are no longer forced to learn our life lessons at the mercy of pain, but we are open to living life guided by Vision and Inspiration. As one of my mentors taught me at a critical crossroad in my journey:  “When you have nowhere else to turn, you are teachable.”

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 From the Low Road to the High road: My Personal Journey

            I used to be a professional student at the School of Pain. For well over 40 years I believed that I was a helpless victim of my life circumstances and the lack of money.  I was certain that I was being punished for untold sins, as I struggled to “make it” in the

world. Pain became the professor in my chosen survival major – Finances. Convinced that I was helpless to solve the never-ending problem of too little salary and too many bills, I felt entirely justified in blaming my situation on all sorts of scapegoats. I claimed that I was a victim of the economy, my marital status, my sex, my education, my boss, my God (who had surely forsaken me).  I held the belief that the number of dollars in my checking account defined my self-worth.

You can imagine how low my self-esteem fell during the financial ebbs of my life, such as the time when the ATM would not allow a withdrawal because my balance had fallen below $20! I also believed that all the dollars I did receive had to be earned by the sweat of my brow and that it was my lot in life to never have enough money. I just knew that life was meant to be a struggle, and then you died!

            As I matriculated through the School of Pain I finally came to one accelerated course that had life-changing effects. A few years ago I found myself at the wedding celebration of my precious daughter with not a single dime to pay my way, much less contribute to her special day. Having to tell her and her wonderful husband-to-be that I had to renege on my promise to contribute to their marriage day took me down to all fours. “Oh my God,” I thought, “could I get any lower than this?” The shame and guilt I felt over earlier debt I had incurred, the bankruptcy I had declared seven years before, and the begging I had done from friends just to pay the rent all paled in comparison to the utter hopelessness and despair I felt on this occasion of the happiest day of my daughter’s life. 

Reduced to ashes, I cried oceans of tears in the wee hours of that wedding day morning. “How had I gotten myself into this pathetic place?” I screamed from my inner pain-wracked self. I’ve worked so hard, raised three kids as a single mom and been a religious person – what did I do to deserve this? What am I missing?  I spent the pre-dawn hours of that day submerging myself in my familiar victim mode of self-blame and self-flagellation. At one point in this vicious downward spiral, in a space between the torrent of tears and wails, I heard a soft voice say, “Be Still.” Startled, I obeyed and stopped my sobbing. “What are you grateful for right now?” the Voice quietly asked.  “That I’m breathing” is all I could answer.  I felt the tiniest measure of calm inch its way through my shuddering body. “Will you surrender all your problems to Me?” the Voice asked. “And will you trust Me?” It gently inquired. “I have no choice,” I sighed. “I have nowhere else to go. I have tried every way I know to fix this endless financial mess. All I want to do right now is to enjoy being the mother of the bride,” I declared, feeling a little bit less hysterical. “Continue to be grateful and watch the miracles unfold today. Turn it all over to me and have a wonderful time,” the Voice said. “When you are grateful you open the door for My Abundance to flow into your life.” . . .

        That fateful, extraordinary day I summarily transferred from the School of Pain to the School of Vision. Little did I realize how easy it is to be accepted at this school and how welcoming it feels. I received so much support from others there that I never felt like “the new kid on the block.” And what a surprise it was to find everyone around me expressing their gratitude that I had made the decision to join them.

        Attending this school guarantees every student a degree in listening with the inner ear to the Divine Plan for one’s life. Here we are taught through inspiration, intuition and imagination what our true purpose is. Here we learn to choose the high road to clarity. And here we hone the skills needed to express that clarity. By the time we graduate from the School of Vision we have recognized that the Universe is for us and that It truly works for our highest good. The diploma we receive certifies that we know with God all things are possible.

        In the School of Vision my teachers have been many and my path one of joy and harmony, with only a few stumbles along the way. Through this new curriculum I have learned that what I was getting in life was determined by what I was giving out. As I gave out fear and the belief that there was not enough so was I receiving, with predictable accuracy, a life experience of fear and lack. It slowly dawned on me that I was using the Law of Giving and Receiving - “As you give, so shall you receive”- in ways that actually kept the cycle of lack going in my life. The many profound classes I have taken in the School of Vision have taught me to “give out” everything that I want returned to me, including money, laughter, healthy habits, love, compassion, peace, and harmony. 

As You Give, So Shall You Receive . . . The Happy Ending 

        It was on a cloud of profound GRATITUDE that I floated into the bride’s dressing room on my daughter’s wedding day - gratitude for the bride, my son-in-love to be, my two ex-husbands who were attending to last minute details, the sprays of beautiful flowers and corsages that had just been delivered, and the flush of excitement on my other children’s faces. Everywhere I looked I said, “Thank You, God!” God’s floodgates opened, the miracles poured forth and I received. Money was slipped into my hand by a wise and generous sister to pay for my hotel room. “Thank you, God!” An offer to buy my breakfast came from my loving son from across the table of 10. “Thank you, God!”  An idea for the perfect gift to give the newlyweds that cost my time and my talent, yet would be priceless to them, suddenly occurred to me. “Thank you, God!” A request for my counseling services came from a guest among the crowd of friends and family at the reception. “Thank you, God!” And as I gave each prayer of GRATITUDE, I received even more from the Infinite One Source, God.

        In the School of Vision, we are asked to “major” in 5 spiritual GIFTS that when fully practiced will guarantee our graduation with honors.  GIFTS is an acronym for these transformational principles:  Gratitude . . . Intention . . . Forgiveness . . . Tithing . . . Surrender. Why these particular GIFTS? Because each of these GIFTS has been carefully “test driven” for the power to shift consciousness. The ancient and modern mystics alike, no matter what their root tradition, have consistently referred to these five principles as essential disciplines in any spiritual practice. We have the power as spiritual beings to transmute the appearances of the conditions we see about us. In other words, we can use our inner eyes and hear with our inner ears and use those “senses” to see and hear beyond what is delivered by our sensory selves - our human be-ing-ness - to fully understand that we are beings of infinite possibility, unbounded by any appearance to the contrary.

        The transforming power of these GIFTS is that they allow us to move beyond the impoverished realm of appearances - namely, the data delivered by our five senses - and connect with the vast true wealth of Life that lies in the realm of the invisible, the place of Pure Potential and Pure Possibility. For example, when we are in a state of GRATITUDE even in the face of a painful situation, we are lifting ourselves “out of the line of fire” of that pain by choosing to enlarge our focus to the greater good (God) that is there, along with what is immediately apparent. This does not mean that we deny, minimize, or override the facts of our three-dimensional reality, but rather that we simultaneously affirm the greater Reality of which the three-dimensional is but a part.fts.htm"> Here.

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We all now understand the power of practicing Affirmations.  We can take control of our lives by taking control of our thoughts.

This collection of 20 affirmations on CD, gives you the powerful thought seeds that support your cultivation of new success, prosperity and health in your life.  Turn your driving time into productive time and change your life!  Affirmations That Work - $14.95








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