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As many of these audio files originated in old radio broadcasts, which we have left unedited, they also contain commercials and other information as it was originally broadcast.

We hope you will enjoy this new addition to our site.


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(Nature Pictures, Saints, Sages, Gurus, Mandalas, Chakras, Fine Art)

Complete Audio Classics

(Complete Plays, Radio Dramatizations, Books Read Aloud

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(Large Beautiful Pictures with Inspirational Quotes Suitable To Place on The Background of Your Computer Desktop or Screensaver Program.)


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If you don't have time to read "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen, try listening to it while you drive or go out for a walk.  Make use of your time to improve your life.

"He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure. His every thought is allied with power and all difficulties are bravely met and wisely overcome. Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force."

This book has inspired millions to begin again, to realize their power to transform their own lives.  Now is the time for you to renew your promise to yourself.  Listen to the CD every day and feel the difference. As A Man Thinketh $14.95



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"And what is it to work with love? It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth. It is to build a house with affection even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house. It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap the harvest with joy even as if your beloved were to eat the fruit. It is to charge all things you fashion with the breath of your own spirit..." Kahlil Gibran - from "The Prophet"

Listen to Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece on CD.  Envelope yourself in its mystical poetic wisdom instead of listening to the radio and see the difference in your own life.   The Prophet Unabridged - $19.98 (Two CD set)



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