Sharing Your Preferences

All listed CLF classes either have a set date to begin or are ready to be scheduled to begin.  Our goal is to make attending and participating in our classes as easy as possible.  For each class, we attempt to set the day, time and class location in the geographic area which is convenient for the majority of students who wish to attend.  We make these decisions based on those who complete the following Preferences Form.

If you feel that you would probably take a specific class if it were available at a time and location that suits your schedule.  Please communicate your preferences to us, by completing the form below and then pressing the "Submit" button..  None of the information requested will be given to any other person or organization without your prior permission.

If the class or classes you prefer to take are already scheduled, but not in a location or time that allows you to attend, please complete the preference form.  If, on the other hand, you would like to attend a class that is currently scheduled, please Enroll for that class by double clicking Here.

When you submit your preferences, your information will be put on a list until the minimum number of students requested by the teacher is reached.  We will keep you informed of the progress in reaching the minimum class size and when that number has been reached, we will send you a final notification indicating the location and meeting time for the class - based on the needs of the majority of students who have stated their preferences.  At the same time you will also be notified of the number of students attending and the cost for each class.

If the final class location, time and cost meet your needs, then, at that time, you should enroll for that class and thereafter attend its first meeting.

If the meeting time and location that we set are not satisfactory to you, we will continue to maintain your information on our class list until your requirements are met, unless you request otherwise. 

Payment is generally by credit card through this web site or by telephone, or by cash or check made payable to "CLF" and delivered to your teacher at the time of the first class.  Complete details on methods of payment are explained on the web pages associated with enrollment for each particular class.  Click Here to begin the enrollment process.

To State Your Preferences, Please Complete The Following:

Contact Information:

      First Name 

       Last Name 


     Work Phone 

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Please Select the Classes You Prefer by Title (hold down your "Ctrl" key to select more than one class):                   

                     Practical Living:

       Creative Living - The Arts: 
        Creative Living - Personal Growth: 
        Spiritual Living:
        Conscious Business:

Select Your Most Convenient Days for Classes:

Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday  Thursday 

Friday       Saturday   Sunday     

Select Your Most Convenient Times for Classes:

8 A.M.   9 A.M.   10 A.M.  11 A.M.

12 P.M.  1 P.M.    2 P.M.    3 P.M. 

4 P.M.    5 P.M.   6 P.M.    7 P.M. 

8 P.M.   

Select Your Most Convenient Locations for Classes:

Santa Monica - West Side   Beach Communities      Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, Downtown Los Angeles                             

South Los Angeles               Los Angeles (other)     San Fernando Valley                  

East Los Angeles                 Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena                                     

If you have any comments, questions, requests for classes or suggestions:

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