Class Types and Fee Schedules
Fees for classes that already have a specific start date, location and schedule are finalized.  You can determine the fee for scheduled classes by following the links to each particular class description. 

For classes that do not yet have a start date, the fee will not be determined until sufficient prospective students have shown an interest in attending the class.  To show your preference in classes, meeting times and locations, click on the "Class Preferences" link.

The fees for classes offered by the Conscious Living Foundation are determined according to the number of students, the duration of the class and the teaching method.

Generally, the more students in your class, the lower the fee.

Also, please read carefully the "Class Preferences" and the "Enrollment" pages for each class as they go into more detail on how classes are formed and the options you have in joining a class.

We want the potential student to have every opportunity to be fully aware of any class he or she may be considering.  If you are able to attend one of CLF's ongoing Open House events, this is a great opportunity to meet the teachers prior to taking classes and also gives you the chance to hear descriptions of the classes directly from the teachers.

The following table indicates the relationship between the number of students attending a class, the duration of the class and the fee.






If it is not possible for you to attend one of our open houses, in an effort to encourage new students to find out more about our classes, we will reduce the fee for the first class, in any series of classes, to $5.00 if the student is not satisfied with the class and does not intend to continue with the remainder of the series.  However, this does not apply to classes (seminars in particular) in which there is only one class.  If the student wishes to continue with the remainder of the classes, then the regular fee will be charged.

Payment for classes is either by check made out to "CLF" and generally delivered to the teacher at the close of the first class or in advance by credit card.  

Payment may be made by credit card through "PayPal" on this web site or by calling us for credit card payment over the telephone.  Follow the instructions on the "Enrollment" page for each specific class for complete details on credit card payments..

If attending these workshops would cause a financial burden, please email us.  We do not want the workshops to be out of reach because of current financial limitations.

Private, one on one personal tutoring and consultations are also available.

If you have any questions concerning payment or enrollment, please email us at .

    Thank you for your interest.

Small Study Group          4    6           $16               1 Hr.
Medium Study Group       7    11         $14               1 Hr.
Large Study Group         12    18         $12               1.5 Hr.
Small Workshop              6      6         $35               2 Hr.
Medium Workshop           7     11         $30              2.5 Hr.
Large Workshop             12    18         $25               3 Hr.
Seminar                           19    25        $20               3 Hr.
Class Type    Min-Max Students Fee/Class  Duration
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