Do you feel puzzled and overwhelmed by a flood of nutritional information, often contradictory? We will review the fundamentals of good nutrition, challenge some current paradigms, and find answers through an individualized and dynamic approach to nutrition.
Classes Supporting Practical Living
The closer we eat to nature, the more benefits we will reap. Learn why and how to incorporate a larger percentage of unprocessed, tasty natural foods into your daily diet-without diminishing the joy of eating. Class will include food samples prepared by the instructor.
Many seminars focus on self-defense with various martial art techniques to defend yourself. This class helps you develop sufficient awareness so that you don't have to use any physical self-defense actions in the first place. Emphasis is on discovering the various cues an environment will give you so that you can avoid unpleasant encounters before they happen.
Untangle the paralyzing knot of complex problems with a variety of proven methods to clarify, evaluate, prioritize, and solve them. Bring in your real-life dilemmas and you'll be amazed at how effectively they are untangled - solutions will appear like magic.
Adult students bring valuable life experience to any learning situation and have unique needs that effective presenters must address. Regardless of what topic you intend to teach, in our class you will learn how to structure and facilitate your class in a way that is enjoyable, memorable, and rich in participation.
After youth, external and internal factors steadily reduce the optimal functioning of our bodies. We will learn what physical changes to expect, and how to adjust our nutrition for the best ongoing support of our bodies, our health and our vitality.
What is CLF
Learner-Centered Teaching: Designing Effective Workshops for Adults
Teacher: Kaya Stasch
Nutrition: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Teacher: Peter Stasch
Making Raw Food a Part of Your Diet
Teacher: Peter Stasch
Teacher: Juan Ugarte
Street Smarts
Teacher: Juan Ugarte


Problem Solving Methods
Class Preferences
Teacher: Peter Stasch
Optimizing Our Nutrition As We Age