Classes Supporting Creative Living - The Arts
We focus on the joyful, peaceful process of creation, rather than particular expectations for the work that is produced - and, in the practicing, develop a life-long creative-experience model for parent and child of sharing love, support, and art.
This is a class for adults who want to play with color using a variety of open ended watercolor techniques.  This is an especially good class for those who believe that have no artistic ability, but wish they did.
By a proven set of exercises and practice, anyone can learn to drawn. This is a revealing look into how to develop your drawing talent and change the way you see things.
Whether you are color-coordinated or challenged, this workshop will help you become more conscious of how you see color and to be more aware of its use. If your friends accuse you of lack of color coordination in your choice of clothes, this class is for you!
Whether you only sing in the shower, or you're tuning up for a theatre audition, you may feel there's something holding you back. Unblock your creativity, your spontaneity and your true voice.
If you've wanted to write lyrics, but felt inhibited, or if you've written some lyrics before but want to refine your skills - this class will assist you to follow through, and have fun doing it.
If you are curious about classical music and would like to increase your appreciation of it, this class, which will include significant amounts of listening as well as discussion, might be a good starting point.
Within each piece of music lies the weave of tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics. Beneath these musical elements lies a deeper communication. This workshop, explores the ways of attuning to that deeper message and manifesting it each time we make music.
This class covers similar territory to Practicing the Art of Conscious Musical Performance, except that it is designed for conductors rather than performers.
A class for beginning and non-actors who wish to learn the basics of acting in a safe, creative, supportive environment.  Learn to uncover the emotions, imagination, and playfulness that we were told to put aside as we entered adulthood.
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The Acting Arts --
A fun, creative class for all levels of improvisational performer. Through the use of warm-ups, exercises, games, and scenes, the student will learn the techniques of improvisation.

Our goal is to free up the student's imagination and to gently break down the barriers that limit our inventiveness and ability to play as a creative human being.
In this class you will learn how to tell a story, in a humorous or dramatic way, that will communicate to an audience your emotions, observations, and what you have learned, with clarity and distinctness.
Proven methods to stimulate creativity, to get concepts and inspiration, and to just get started on things. Techniques for removing the "artist's block".
Removing the Creative Block --
What is CLF
Exploratory Watercolors for Parent and Child
Teacher: Lucinda White
Watercolor Play for Adults
Teacher: Lucinda White
Yes, You CAN Draw
Teacher: Juan Ugarte
Teacher: Juan Ugarte
Improving Your Color Sense
Reclaiming Your Singing Voice
Teacher: David Joyce
Writing Lyrics From Your Heart and Mind
Practicing the Art of Conscious Musical Performance
A Little Bit of Music
Teacher: Bill Simpson
Teacher: Bill Simpson
Teacher: David Joyce
Practicing the Art of Conscious Musical Conducting
Teacher: Bill Simpson
Teacher: Michael D. Nye
Whole Life Acting
Class Preferences
Teacher: Michael D. Nye
Personal Storytelling
Teacher: Michael D. Nye
Beyond Improvisation
Jump-Starting Creativity
Teacher: Juan Ugarte