Bill Simpson is the founder of the Conscious Living Foundation and has been attempting to apply awareness to his life experience for several decades.

His interest in music began while learning to play the piano over 50 years ago, and continued through playing in rock and roll bands in the 1970's, completing a degree in music composition, composing a variety of orchestral and vocal music and conducting a choir for the past 24 years.
In addition, he was a trial lawyer in Los Angeles for 13 years, has founded or co-founded several companies in a variety of fields, and has acted in several managerial and executive positions in the business world.

It is his intention to be of assistance when possible, in a mutual exploration with those who attend his classes and workshops.  He does not profess to have all the answers, merely awareness of some of the questions and a willingness to discover possible answers with an openness to mutual growth.

Participating in these workshops and the other activities of CLF is a tool and an aid for him to increase his own personal understanding and growth.  Being of service is part of his path and  facilitating the learning of others also facilitates his own learning.

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