Class Topic:  Practicing the Art of Conscious Musical Conducting

Within each piece of music, whether a simple song or the most complex symphony, lies the weave of tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics. Beneath these musical elements lies a deeper communication of evolving, transforming energies and emotions.

This workshop, through the practice of performance and discussion, explores the ways of attuning to that deeper message and manifesting it each time we conduct.

Small to large workshop
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Note:  The teacher wants to limit the size of this class to 6 to 18 Students.  

The fee for the class will vary depending upon the number of students who register and you will be notified of the exact fee required before you commit to attending.  

For example, if only 6 students register, the fee will be $35 per class.  If 12 to 18 students register, the fee will be $25 per class.  

For this specific class, payment of the total fee for the first 4 classes in the series is requested.  Please see "Fees" for more information on how the fees vary depending upon class size.
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Teacher - Bill Simpson
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