Michael D. Nye has directed the premiers of numerous new plays in Los Angeles, including "The Big Farewell" and "The One Night Band" (both of which he wrote), "Stills," "Two For One," "The Ultimate Crutch," "Hash House," and the award-winning "Late Bloomers." His involvement with children's theatre includes directing "Dragon Stew," and cofounding the touring improvisational troupe "Mockingbird."
In film and television, Michael executive-produced and hosted the feature anthology film "Grave Images," starring Sally Kirkland, and wrote and directed the feature vampire film "Night Tour." Michael directed the pre-pilot "Comedy on a Roll" for the NBC Comedy Writer's Workshop, and the documentaries: "Duffy - A Clown's Story" (which premiered on KTTV), "Travels Through Hungry," and "Crete In Modesto."

As an actor, Michael is best known for playing the vice principal, Mr. Arnott, in David Zucker's hit comedy "High School High," and has appeared in many original stage productions, including "Mr. President," "The Trial Of Susan B. Anthony," "Comings and Goings," and "Panic In Hollywood," as well as improvisational shows with "The Groundlings," "Off The Wall" (with Robin Williams), "The Denny Evans Show," and "The Berubians." He has performed stand-up comedy in and around Los Angeles. His national commercials include ones for Sony, Ford, Miller-lite, Snapple, IBM, Pepcid, Pizza Hut, and McDonald's. His latest film, "Ginseng Power," is due out next year.
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