Class Topic:  Learning to Really See by Drawing -
This class is designed to enhance your awareness by activating your visual perception. By a proven set of exercises and practices, you will begin to see things that you have never noticed before in objects and environments that were familiar and part of your daily life. You will experience almost immediate changes in your ability to perceive and as a by-product you will develop your drawing talent.  No prior drawing experience required!

Materials needed for this class are:
a pad of drawing paper 14" x17" or larger, pencils -- any one or more of the following: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and an eraser. 
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Note:  The teacher wants to limit the size of this class to 6 to 18 Students.  

The fee for the class is $25 for each session.  Each session will last for 2 hours.

This class is held on Saturdays, from 1 p.m.. to 3 p.m. in Pasadena and each series is 9 weeks.

For complete details on where this class is being held, fees, methods of payment, directions and enrollment, please click Here.

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Teacher - Juan Ugarte
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