What are the questions you must ask yourself prior to starting a business? What are the tasks that you must undertake to begin? What resources can you rely on to help you through this process? This workshop will use the current experience of those attending to find solutions, but also discover the underlying fundamental questions and answers that challenge anyone starting a new business.
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What is an entrepreneur? In this pragmatic workshop, based on the real-life challenges facing those attending, we will look at the issues beneath the facts, consider alternatives, discover solutions, and move toward a deeper confidence in our own decisions.
What are the skills and attitudes necessary to be a successful manager? What shifts in perception and approach are necessary in order to be a leader instead of the boss? This practical workshop will explore these and many of the fundamental issues surrounding successful management through the day-to-day situations faced by the workshop attendees. Bring your problems and share the solutions!
This workshop will explore the benefits and burdens of working as a team; discovering when they are appropriate and necessary and when they should be avoided. We will use the real-life experiences of those attending as the source material for our discussions.
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How to Start a Business

Teacher: Bill Simpson
Exploring the Entrepreneurial Experience
Teacher: Bill Simpson
Teacher: Bill Simpson
Exploring the Manager's Experience
Teacher: Bill Simpson
A Pragmatic Approach to Team Development
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