Class Topic:  Menopause: What a Man Needs to Understand About a Woman

Remember the old Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared"? Still, try as we may, there are some things in life that we're never really prepared for.  Menopause is one of them.

Perhaps, like many men, you have come to rely on the stability and insightful relationship savvy of your wife, lover and/or business partner.  But then one day, suddenly the woman you've known for years begins speaking and acting in a way that neither you nor she recognizes.  Anger, tears, vague illnesses, accusations, fears - all these tumble out uncontrollably, interrupting her life and yours, leaving you both bewildered.  

If you find yourself experiencing something like this, don't worry, it's actually perfectly normal.  When our dear ones start manifesting serious symptoms of menopause, we often react by withdrawing and thus abandoning them, at a time in their lives when they need us most&largely because we don't understand what they are going through.

In this workshop you will be given a better understanding of menopause as an important time of passage in a woman's development.  The focus is on how we, as men, can know what to expect -- how to meet the challenges of menopause, so that we can live with and support the women in our lives as they go through biochemical, psychological, and spiritual change (and as we go through our own changes).  

This workshop is designed to help you adjust &.to make this phase smoother and more meaningful for both of you.  Through group discussion we will discover the opportunity menopause give us to be a true "helpmate" to the women who have supported and nurtured us as we went through our own challenges in career and personal growth.  A little thoughtfulness can go a long way!  The knowledge you will gain here will help you win the eternal gratitude & friendship of the most important woman in your life.

This class is presented primarily for men who are married or in a commited relationship with a woman 40 or older (or who are planning to be some time in the near future).

Small to large study group (1 week)
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Teacher - Simon Kahn