Simon Kahn came into this life as an angry young man - much to the bewilderment of his parents.  Dissatisfied with life in general and himself in particular, he went through many phases of searching for truth and meaning.  Simon was eventually drawn to the monastic life and spent over 25 years in an ashram in California practicing meditation, karma yoga, and the art of community living.  Through meditation, self-analysis, and the study of various psychology theories he was gradually able to understand and resolve his own emotions and dissatisfactions.
Simon has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with the communication process and its affects in all aspects of our lives&.from the mundane to the spiritual.  An avid truth-seeker since youth, in the course of his journey he's been involved with the arts, music, theatre, graphic design, marketing, management and public speaking.  

After 3 years as a youth minister, assistant administrator, and counselor for a large church, Simon embarked on a new career and lifestyle. Simon's counseling experience introduced him to a number of women going through menopause or periomenopause, expanding his awareness of the challenges they faced, particularly with the men in their lives.  

He currently does private astrological counseling and personal/family-centered mediation, and is working to obtain a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology.
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