Class Topic:  Nonjudgment: Aligning Your Life With Love
The world in which we find ourselves seems to be infinitely complex and perhaps even aggressively negative and hurtful - as if at times the universe seems to have a personal interest in making our lives miserable.  But as we begin to acknowledge the intuitive wisdom of our hearts - that we are spiritual beings having a human experience - we discover a profoundly simple key: the power of accepting, with love, everything and everyone as they are.  

In this workshop we will explore methods for allowing the liberating power of Love to flow in our lives in a conscious way.   You will learn how to dispel those fear-based judgmental attitudes that seem so natural and normal but in fact are holding you back from experiencing the abundant health, happiness, and love that are your divine birthright.  

As we begin to anchor our lives in a loving acceptance of Life, we discover how miraculously freeing it is to live without judgment, in a joyous appreciation of the perfection of the present moment

The fee for the class is $50 for the complete two class series.  Each class is 2 hour in length.  


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"Nonjudgment:  Aligning Your Life With Love

Two Class Series - $50.00

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Teacher - Simon Kahn