Class Topic:  What's Wrong with Men Today? Nothing! -

In this class, a group of men will explore questions such as What is masculinity, and who defines it? Why are our boys being drugged?

Are the qualities of kindness, love, and compassion "feminine," or inherent parts of every human being - male and female.? Why do men die, on average, 7 years earlier than women? Can we realize and remember how good we are, as men?

Class will consist primarily of discussion and communication exercises - designed to answer these questions on an experiential basis.

4 week small to medium workshop  (MEN only)  
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Note:  The teacher wants to limit the size of this class to 6 to 18 Students.  

The fee for the class will vary depending upon the number of students who register and you will be notified of the exact fee required before you commit to attending.  

For example, if only 6 students register, the fee will be $35 per class.  If 12 to 18 students register, the fee will be $25 per class.  

For this specific class, payment of the total fee for the first 4 classes in the series is requested.  Please see "Fees" for more information on how the fees vary depending upon class size.
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Teacher - David Joyce