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Welcome to Conscious Living, our newsletter designed to share our current activities and growth, along with articles and information that we hope will be supportive and encouraging in your efforts to live each moment with more joy and satisfaction.

This issue begins with a short meditation on Thanksgiving.  Gratitude is such a powerful tool for growth and an expression of recognition for the constant blessings we all receive - regardless of outer appearances.

We follow up with an essay by Ernest Holmes from Creative Mind and Success.  As you know, Ernest Holmes was the founder of the Religious Science movement and one of the most significant figures of the 20th century in living and espousing the power of thought.  This particular essay explores how to attain success in both the material and spiritual realms.

We are also pleased to offer another thoughtful essay by Steve Roberts entitled, "Gods Second-Favorite Holiday" - you'll have to read the article to discover which holiday it is.   Steve is a regular contributor to our newsletter and his new book, Cool Mind, Warm Heart - Adventures With Life's Biggest Secret is available now on our website and at booksellers everywhere.

This month, we are offering a collection of thoughtful articles from three different traditions:  Christian with a selection from Little Flowers of St. Francis; Buddhist with an excerpt from The Dhammapada and the Yoga tradition with The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  I hope you find all three moving and enlightening.

As always, you'll find a new spiritual poem and more new vegetarian recipes to test during the holidays.

Finally, in our continuing series of articles offering examples of the wisdom contained in 12 step programs, we include in this issue an exploration of the 8th step - Making Amends.

As always, we are so grateful to all of you who visit our website, and contribute through your generous donations, purchases, emails and article submissions.  Thank you for letting us share this issue of our newsletter with you. 

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Essay:  Creative Mind and Success (excerpt)                                     by Ernest Holmes                                  



IT is easy for the average person to see how it is that mind can control, and to a certain extent govern, the functions of the body. Some can go even further than this and see that the body is governed entirely by consciousness. This they can see without much difficulty, but it is not so easy for them to see how it is that thought governs their conditions and decides whether they are to be successes or failures.

Here we will stop to ask the question: If our conditions are not controlled by thought, by what, then, are they controlled? Some will say that conditions are controlled by circumstances. But what are circumstances? Are they cause or are they effect? Of course they are always effect; everything that we see is an effect. An effect is something that follows cause, and we are dealing with causation only; effects do not make themselves, but they are held in place by mind, not by causation.

If this does not answer your thought, begin over again and realize that behind everything that is seen is the silent cause. In your life you are that cause. There is nothing but mind, and nothing moves except as mind moves it. We have agreed that while God is love, yet your life is governed absolutely by mind, or law. In our lives of conditions we are the cause, and nothing moves except as our mind moves it.

The activity of our mind is thought. We are always acting because we are always thinking. At all times we are either drawing things to us or we are pushing them away from us. In the ordinary individual this process goes on without his ever knowing it consciously, but ignorance of the law will excuse no one from its effects.

"What," someone will say, "do you think that I thought failure or wanted to fail?" Of course not. You would be foolish to think that; but according to the law which we cannot deny, you must have thought that failure might come, or in some way you gave gave it entrance to your mind.

Thinking back over the reason for things, you will find that you are surrounded by a mind, or law, that casts back at the thinker, manifested, everything he thinks. If this were not true, man would not be an individual. Individuality can mean only the ability to think what we want to think. If that thought is to have power in our lives then there has to be something that will manifest it. Some are limited and bound by law through ignorance. This law is sometimes called "Karma," it is the law that binds the ignorant and gives freedom to the wise.

We live in mind; and it can return to us only what we think into it. No matter what we may do, law will always obtain. If we are thinking of ourselves as poor and needy, then mind has not choice but to return what we have thought into it. At first this may be hard to realize, but the truth will reveal to the seeker that law could act in no other way. Whatever we think is the pattern, and mind is the builder. Jesus, realizing this law, said, "It is done unto you even as you have believed." Shall we doubt but that this great Way Shower knew what he was talking about? Did He not say, "It is done unto you." Nothing to worry about. "It is done unto you." With a tremendous grasp of true spiritual thought, Jesus even called forth bread from the ethers of life, and at no time did he He ever fail to demonstrate that when one knows the truth he is freed by that knowledge.


There is nothing manifest but that there is a cause for the manifestation. Investigation proves that behind every condition, whether of body or environment, there has been some thought, conscious or unconscious, which produced that condition. In the case of this woman the thought was not conscious. But creation is going on all the time; we should realize this and learn how to control it so that there may be created for us the things that we desire and not those that we do not want. Is it any wonder that the Bible says, "With all thy getting get understanding"?

Jesus understood all this, and so it was no more effort for Him to do what He did than it is for us to breathe or to digest our food. He understood, that is all. Because Jesus did understand and did use these great laws with objective consciousness, people thought He must be God. And when to-day something unusual occurs, people think that a miracle has been performed. Jesus was not God. He was a manifestation of God; and so are all people. "I say ye are gods, and every one of you sons of the Most High."

A thinking person will be compelled to admit, in view of all this, that creation is first spiritual, through mental law, and then physical in manifestation.

Man does not really create. He uses creative power that already is. Relatively speaking, he is the creative power in his own life; and so far as his thought goes, there is something that goes with it that has the power to bring forth into manifestation that thing thought of. Hitherto men have used this creative power in ignorance and so have brought upon themselves all kinds of conditions, but today hundreds of thousands are beginning to use these great laws of their being in a conscious, constructive way. Herein lies the great secret of the New Thought movements under their various names and cults and orders. All are using the same law even though some deny to the others real revelation. We should get into an attitude of mind wherein we should recognize the truth wherever we may find it. The trouble with most of us is that unless we see sugar in a sugar bowl we think it must be something else, and so we stick to our petty prejudices instead of looking after principles.


THE first thing to realize is that since any thought manifests it necessarily follows that all thought does the same, else how should we know that the particular thought we are thinking would be the one that would create? Mind must not cast back all or none. Just as the creative power of the soil receives all seeds put into it, and at once begins to work upon them, so mind must receive all thought and at once begin to operate upon it. Thus we find that all thought has some power in our lives and over our conditions. We are making our environments by the creative power of our thought. God has created us thus and we cannot escape it. By con- forming our lives and thought to a greater understanding of law we shall be able to bring into our experience just what we wish, letting go of all that we do not want to experience and taking in the things we desire. Every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere

This mental atmosphere is the direct result of thought which in its turn becomes the direct reason for the cause of that which comes into our lives. Through this power we are either attracting or repelling. Like attract like and we attract to us just what we are in mind. It is also true that we become attracted to something that is greater than our previous experience by first embodying the atmosphere of our desire.

Every business, every place, every person, everything has a certain mental atmosphere of its own. This atmosphere decides what is to be drawn to it. For instance, you never saw a successful man who went around with an atmosphere of failure. Successful people think about success. A successful man is filled with that subtle something which permeates everything that he does with an atmosphere of confidence and strength. In the presence of some people we feel as though nothing were too great to undertake; we are uplifted; we are inspired to do great things, to accomplish; we feel strong, steady, sure. What a power we feel in the presence of big souls, strong men, noble women!

Did you ever stop to inquire why it is that such persons have this kind of effect over you while others seem to depress, to drag you down, and in their presence you feel as though life were a load to carry? One type is positive, the other negative. In every physical respect they are just alike, but one has a mental and spiritual power which the other does not have, and without that power the individual can hope to do but little.

Which of these two do we like the better? With which do we want to associate? Certainly not the one that depresses us; we have enough of that already. But what about the man who inspires us with our own worth? Ah, he is the man we will turn to every time. Before ever we reach him, in our haste to be near, even to hear his voice, do we not feel a strength coming to meet us? Do you think that this man who has such a wonderful power of attraction will ever want for friends? Will he ever have to look up a position? Already so many positions are open to him that he is weighing in his mind which one to take. He does not have to become a success; he already is a success.

Thoughts of failure, limitation or poverty are negative and must be counted out of our lives for all time. Somebody will say, "But what of the poor; what are you going to do with them; are they to be left without help?" No; a thousand times no. The same power is in them that is in all men. They will always be poor until they awake and realize what life is. All the charity on earth has never done away with poverty, and never will; if it could have done so it would have done so; it could not, therefore it has not. It will do a man a thousand times more good to show him how to succeed than it will to tell him he needs charity. We need not listen to all the calamity howlers. Let them howl if it does them any good. God has given us a power and we must use it. We can do more toward saving the world by proving this law than all that charity has ever given it.

Right here, in the manifold world to-day, there is more money and provision than the world can use. Not even a fraction of the wealth of the world is used. Inventors and discoverers are adding to this wealth every day; they are the real people. But in the midst of plenty, surrounded by all the gifts of heaven, man sits and begs for his daily bread. He should be taught to realize that he has brought these conditions upon himself; that instead of blaming God, man or the devil for the circumstances by which he is surrounded, he should learn to seek the truth, to let the dead bury their dead. We should tell every man who will believe what his real nature is; show him how to overcome all limitations; give him courage; show him the way. If he will not believe, if he will not walk in the way, it is not our fault, and have done all we can, we must go our way. We may sympathize with people but never with trouble, limitation or misery. If people still insist on hugging their troubles to themselves, all the charity in the world will not help them.

Remember that God is that silent power behind all things, always ready to spring into expression when we have provided the proper channels, which are receptive and positive faith in the evidence of things not seen with the physical eye but eternal in the heavens.

All is mind, and we must provide a receptive avenue as it passes out through us into the outer expression of our affairs. If we allow the world's opinion to control our thinking, then that will be our demonstration. If, on the other hand, we rise superior to the world, we shall do a new thing.

Remember that all people are making demonstrations, only most of them are making the ones they can make with their present powers of perception.


WE will always attract to us, in our lives and conditions, according to our thought. Things are but outer manifestations of inner mental concepts. Thought is not only power; it is also the form of all things. The conditions that we attract will correspond exactly to our mental pictures. It is quite necessary, then, that the successful business man should keep his mind on thoughts of happiness, which should produce cheerfulness instead of depression; he should radiate joy, and should be filled with faith, hope and expectancy. These cheerful, hopeful attitudes of mind are indispensable to the one who really wants to do things in life.

Put every negative thought out of your mind once and for all. Declare your freedom. Know no matter what others may say, think or do, you are a success, now, and nothing can hinder you from accomplishing your good.

All the power of the universe with with you; feel it, know it, and then act as though it were true. This mental attitude alone will draw people and things to you.

Begin to blot out, one by one, all false beliefs, all ideas that man is limited or poor or miserable. Use that wonderful power of will that God has given you. Refuse to think failure or to doubt your own power.

See only what you wish to experience, and look at nothing else. No matter how many times the old thought returns, destroy it by knowing that it has no power over you; look it squarely in the face and tell it to go; it does not belong to you, and you must know -- and stick to it -- that you are now free.

Rise up in all the faith of one who knows what he is dealing with, and declare that you are one with Infinite Mind. Know you cannot get away from this Mind; that wherever you may go, there, right beside you, waiting to be used, is all the power there is in the universe. When you realize this you will know that in union with this, the only power, you are more than all else, you are more than anything that can ever happen to you.

The man who can control his thought can have and do what he wishes to have and to do; every-thing is his for the asking. He must remember that whatever he gets is his to use but not to hold. Creation is always flowing by and we have as much of it as we can take and use; more would cause stagnation.

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Essay:  God's Second-Favorite Holiday                                        by Steve Roberts


Halloween is God’s second-favorite holiday.  That’s my story, anyway.  Valentine’s Day is number one, of course, since it is a celebration of love, the impetus behind every healthy choice we make.  Halloween is a celebration of the fears we must move through to make that choice.  Specifically, Halloween commemorates the masks we wear because we are afraid of embracing our true self—a being of unlimited possibility.

While our kids, for a few hours on this singular day, pretend to be some variation of either ghosts, corpses, princesses, superheroes, or three-eyed blood-sucking monsters with bad hair, most of us (over the age of, say, 12) spend just about every hour of every day pretending to be…well, you name it: doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs, Mr. Omnipotent, Ms. Responsible, the keeper of righteousness, a worthless slug, not to mention helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, loyal and thrifty—and who could forget “socially responsible”…and cool. 

When I say “pretending,” I don’t mean we’re phony.  We’ve just allowed ourselves to forget that the majesty of who we are is beyond any identity we can imagine.  Consider how many of us approach retirement in terror at the prospect of relinquishing a worldly role to which we have become, frankly, addicted. 

Another everyday example of how masks can kill is the almost universal intolerance for women to cry in the workplace.  A New York Times story on the subject pointed to an incident on the television program “Apprentice: Martha Stewart.”  A young woman whose team had just lost a contest confessed that she felt like crying.  “Cry and your out of here,” Martha shot.  “Women in business don’t cry, my dear.”

But what was Martha really saying?

My story is: “Don’t be yourself.  Suppress.  Deny.  Separate from your feelings.  Don’t trust your own experience.  Never allow emotions to influence your behavior.  I’m afraid of my feelings, so you can be sure I’m not making room for yours.”  And so forth. 

Sound familiar? 

When our children act goofy and we tell them to “grow up,” how much are we really telling them to stop growing, stop changing, stop finding their own way, stop experimenting—and instead act in a manner that is comfortable for us (i.e., doesn’t frighten us)?  How much are we telling them, “Kid, wear a mask.”? 

On the TV drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” one of the characters, a world-class surgeon facing a potentially career-ending injury, held up his hands and said, “These are who I am.”  No surprise the Buddha advised that all suffering is the result of attachment.  Simone Weil put it more poetically: “The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man who is proud of his large cell.” 

I don’t know about you, but it seems that my entire life has been designed to teach me again and again that I’m not remotely whoever it is I think I am.  Sure, there are things I do and roles I play, but so far as I can tell not a single one of them (not even man, American, husband, or dad) is any more me than being the maitre d’ of Cannibal Island. 

My guess is the universe orchestrated Halloween to remind us to treat our many masks as children do on this delightful holiday—as play things to enjoy—and to remember what’s under them.  After all, it’s not the masks themselves that are dangerous.  It’s our mistaking them for the real us—a being of unlimited possibility.

To find out more about Steve, see examples of his stone sculptures or read a chapter from his book, click Here.

 Steve Roberts is the author of Cool Mind Warm Heart, a collection of essays, stories, and photographs of stone sculptures he builds on his Vermont farm.  He can be found on the web at CoolMindWarmHeart.com and at TheHeartOfTheEarth.com.

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News:  The Conscious Word is Now Available With A 2 Week FREE Trial

The Conscious Word is an email newsletter sent directly to you each day.  Each issue contains an inspirational affirmation designed to help uplift your spirits and support your conscious efforts at personal and spiritual growth and development.

By practicing the affirmation which we email to you, for 3 to 4 minutes a day, you create an effective tool that will help you experience an ongoing positive change in your life. 

We all “know” many things.  However, “knowing” something, in and of itself, does not make it “true” to us.  We can read all about oranges; we can look at pictures of oranges and we can talk to people who have eaten oranges.  But, until we taste the orange ourselves, we do not truly understand the full truth about what an orange is. 

Likewise, we can experience the “truth”, the real nature, of many more subtle and essential concepts by “tasting” them.  One of the capabilities of an affirmation is to provide us with a “taste” of the subject matter of the affirmation.

However, something else is also at work in an affirmation.  One of the secrets of the universe is that when a human believes something is so, it becomes what he or she believes.

Jesus said “Verily I say unto you, if ye have faith and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, `Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea,' it shall be done.  And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”  (Book of Matthew verses 21 and 22)

The key words in this quote are “If ye have faith and doubt not..” and “all things whatsoever ye shall ask believing..”

Jesus is describing this receptivity of the universe to human belief.  However, there are requirements for this belief to be effective.  Jesus says we must have “faith” without doubt and that we must “believe” as we ask.

James Allen’s famous premise “As a man Thinketh, so it is” expresses this same truth.

In essence, when we become utterly convinced of the truth of something, which means we have absolutely no doubts about it, the universe will be molded and shaped to match our conviction.  The challenging part is to find a way to become convinced of something that is not yet actualized.  To cultivate our faith.  This is where affirmations can help.

By taking a thought or collection of thoughts and impressing them deeply upon the mind with persistence and concentration,  a conviction can be cultivated.  Developing our own personal convictions, especially about ourselves, and then deepening and persisting in those convictions is a major key to our health, happiness and success in life.

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Thanksgiving Meditation      by Elizabeth Strong


Let us rejoice for the families who have gathered this Thanksgiving to express their thanks and to celebrate the bounty of their lives.

Let us join together in support of those whose families are far away, with distances in many forms.

Let us hold one another in gentle reverence this holiday of Thanksgiving for we are here to celebrate, to worship, to be thankful for what we have.

We have had life newborn among us this year that will carry our legacy into the future.

We have had death among us this year that has given us tears of sorrow and yesterdays to remember.

We have had illnesses, accidents, and surgeries among us this year that have reminded us of the fragileness of our lives.

We have had marriages, reunions, reconciliations. And, we have had, and still do have, our Beloved Community, our religious home where we come together in love and compassion.

For all these things, we give thanks this day.


Let us be silent together.

So Be It.


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Essay:  The Little Flowers of St. Francis  (a selection)                                


                                       The first companion of St Francis was Brother Bernard of Assisi, who was

                                       converted in the following way: St Francis had not yet taken the religious

                                          habit, though he had renounced the world, and had so given himself to

                                      penance and mortification that many looked upon him as one out of his mind.

   He was scoffed at as a madman, was rejected and despised by his relations

   and by strangers, who threw stones and mud at him when he passed; yet he

   went on his way, accepting these insults as patiently as if he had been deaf

   and dumb. Then Bernard of Assisi, one of the richest and most learned nobles

   of the city, began to consider deeply the conduct of St Francis; how utterly

   he despised the world, how patiently he suffered injuries, and how his faith

   remained firm, though he had been for two years an object of contempt and

   rejected by all. He began to think and say within himself, “It is evident

   that this brother must have received great graces from God”; and so resolved

   to invite him to sup and to sleep in his house. St Francis having accepted

   the invitation, Bernard, who was resolved to contemplate the sanctity of his

   guest, ordered a bed to be prepared for him in his own room, where a lamp

   burned all night. Now St Francis, in order to conceal his sanctity, so soon

   as he entered the room, threw himself upon the bed, pretending to fall

   asleep. Bernard likewise soon after went to bed, and began to snore as if

   sleeping soundly. On this, St Francis, thinking that Bernard was really fast

   asleep, got up and began to pray. Raising his hands and eyes to heaven, he

   exclaimed with great devotion and fervour, “My God! my God!” at the same

   time weeping bitterly; and thus he remained on his knees all night,

   repeating with great love and fervour the words, “My God! my God!” and none



   And this he did because, being enlightened by the Holy Spirit, he

   contemplated and admired the divine majesty of God, who deigned to take pity

   on the perishing world, and to save not only the soul of Francis, his poor

   little one, but those of many others also through his means. For, being

   enlightened by the Holy Ghost, he foresaw the great things which God would

   deign to accomplish through him and through his Order; and considering his

   insufficiency and unworthiness, he prayed and called upon the Lord, through

   his power and wisdom, to supply, help and accomplish that which of himself

   he could not do.


   Then Bernard, seeing by the light of the lamp the devout actions of St

   Francis and the expression of his countenance, and devoutly considering the

   words he uttered, was touched by the Holy Spirit, and resolved to change his

   life. Next morning, therefore, he called St Francis, and thus addressed him:

   “Brother Francis, I am disposed in heart wholly to leave the world, and to

   obey thee in all things as thou shalt command me.” At these words, St

   Francis rejoiced in spirit and said, “Bernard, a resolution such as thou

   speakest of is so difficult and so great an act, that we must take counsel

   of the Lord Jesus Christ, and pray to him that he may be pleased to show us

   what is his will, and may teach us to follow it. Let us then go together to

   the Bishop’s palace, where we shall find a good priest who will say Mass for

   us. We will then remain in prayer till the third hour, imploring the Lord to

   point out to us the way he wishes us to select, and to this intent we will

   open the Missal three times.” And when Bernard answered that he was well

   pleased with this proposal, they set out together, heard Mass, and after

   they had remained in prayer till the time fixed, the priest, at the request

   of St Francis, took up Missal, then, having made the sign of the holy cross,

   he opened it three times, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


   The first place which he lit upon was at the answer of Christ to the young

   man who asked of him the way to perfection: If thou wilt be perfect, go,

   sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and come, follow me. The

   second time he opened at the words which the Saviour addressed to the

   Apostles when he sent them forth to preach the Word of Truth: Take nothing

   with you for your journey: neither staff, nor scrip, nor bread, nor money;

   wishing to teach them thereby to commit the care of their lives to him, and

   give all their thoughts to the preaching of the Holy Gospel. When the Missal

   was opened a third time they came upon these words: If any one will come

   after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.


   Then St Francis, turning to Bernard, said: “This is the advice that the Lord

   has given us; go and do as thou hast heard; and blessed be the Lord Jesus

   Christ who has pointed out to thee the way of his angelic life.” Upon this,

   Bernard went and sold all that he had. Now he was very rich, and with great

   joy he distributed his wealth to widows, to orphans, to prisoners, to

   monasteries, to hospitals, and to pilgrims, in all which St Francis assisted

   him with prudence and fidelity.


   Now it happened that a man of the name of Silvester, seeing how St Francis

   gave so much money to the poor, being urged on by avarice, went to him and

   said: “Thou didst not pay me enough for the stones I sold thee to repair the

   church; now that thou hast money, pay me what thou owest.” St Francis, much

   surprised at such a demand, but, according to the precepts of the

   Scriptures, not wishing to dispute with him, gave it to Silvester, saying

   that, if he wanted more, he would give it to him. Silvester, being

   satisfied, returned home; but in the evening of the same day he reflected on

   his avarice, and on the holiness and the fervour of St Francis. That night

   also he saw St Francis in a vision, and it seemed to him as if a golden

   cross came out of his mouth, which reached up to heaven and extended to the

   extreme east and west. After this vision he gave all he possessed to the

   poor, for the love of God, and made himself a Brother Minor. He became so

   holy, and was favoured with such special graces, that he spake with the Lord

   as a friend speaks with a friend, of which St Francis was often a witness,

   as we shall see further on. Bernard likewise received from God many graces -

   he was ravished in contemplation, and St Francis said he was worthy of all

   reverence, and that he had founded the Order, because he was the first who

   had abandoned the world, giving all he possessed to the poor of Christ,

   keeping back nothing for himself; and practising evangelical poverty,

   placing himself naked in the arms of the Crucified, whom may we all bless

   eternally. Amen.


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The Twelve Steps - 8.  Making Amends

Step 8: Made a List of All People We Had Harmed and Became Willing to Make Amends to Them All.

"Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift at the altar, and go and first be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift."   (Matthew 5:23-24)

With this Step, the time for pruning the vines has arrived. Jesus came to reconcile us to God the Father and to one another. Reconciliation is part of daily Christian living, an integral part of the Christian message. This reconciliation that Jesus requires of us is necessarily twofold: it takes place with God and neighbor. In some religions this is not necessarily so. A person can worship deities without being concerned for others, especially those outside one's religion or culture. For the Christian, whatever is done to others, especially the least, Jesus considers done to Him (Matt. 25:40).  


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News:  Gurutej - Kundalini Yoga Video Collection

For thousands of years in India, the sacred science and technology of Kundalini Yoga was veiled in heavy secrecy. Knowledge was shared verbally from master to chosen disciple. 

“Yoga” means integration or union of the soul with the Cosmos or a Supreme Being.

Yoga comes in many forms specifically designed to suit different kinds of people. As the yoga of awareness, Kundalini is an ancient, specific system using posture-exercises, breathing and sound. 

Practicing it integrates and balances body, mind and spirit. Kundalini, known as the seat of all knowledge, is one of the few yoga practices which is practical and easily incorporated into everyday life, regardless of your beliefs, philosophy or religion.

To learn more about:
- Kundalini Yoga For Mental Clarity
- Kundalini Yoga For The Immune System
- Kundalini Yoga Awakening Intuition For Women
- Kundalini Yoga For Balanced Chakras


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New Delicious Vegetarian Recipes:

                                   VEGETARIAN CHILI 

2 medium onions, chopped

1 medium green pepper, chopped

1 medium sweet red pepper, chopped

4 garlic cloves, minced

¼ cup olive or canola oil

Pepperoncini peppers to taste (optional)

2 cans (28 oz. each) Italian stewed tomatoes, cut up

1 can (15 oz.) tomato sauce

1 can (15 oz.) pinto beans, rinsed and drained

1 can (15 oz.) black beans, rinsed and drained

¼ cup fresh parsley, minced

2 Tbsp. chili powder

1 Tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. ground cumin

3 cups tomato juice


            In a Dutch oven, sauté onions, peppers and garlic in oil until tender.  Stir in tomatoes, tomato sauce, beans, pepperoncini peppers, seasonings, and tomato juice.  Bring to a boil over medium heat.  Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 


Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    2 chopped onions ( garlic may be added if you like it)
    2 chopped carrots
    1 chopped squash
    1 can mushrooms
    1 can beansprouts
    300 grammes instant noodles
    2 tablespoons soysauce
    1 tablespoon curry
    salt, peppar, chilipowder
    2 tablespoons chilisauce


Boil noodles. Put everything in a frying pan ( a wookpan if avaliable). Fry for a few minutes. Serve with soysauce and sweet and soursauce.

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 10 minutes

        Hot Spinach with Rice

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    rice (preferrably jasmine rice), 6 dl
    water, 12 dl
    spinach, frozen or fresh, 2 dl
    curry paste, 1-4 teespoons (depending on how hot you want it)
    coconut flakes, 1/2 dl
    oil, 2 tablespoons
    vegan beer (can be excluded), 1/2 dl


Boil water Add the rice and boil according to instructions on package.

Put a little water in a saucepan. Add the oil.  Put in the spinach.Put in the cocos flakes and some of the beer (might be excluded and non-alcohol beer workes very good). Put in a little of the curry paste and taste. Put in more if you want it hotter. Let the spinach stir for 5-10 minutes.

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 20 min.

        Vegetarian Stew

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    4 large potatoes cubed
    2cups sliced carrots
    1 large onion cut into medium peices
    2packages fresh mushrooms
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1 package of dry onion soup mix
    salt,pepper,garlic powder to taste


Line shallow baking pan with enough foil to fold over the top.blend soup and onion mix together thoroughly.spread on the bottom of the pan.add potatoes on topthen carrots,onion mushrooms seasoningsand then sprinkle with water.fold foil overtop and seal tightly. bake at 350 for 45 min.

Preparation time: app.1hr


       Easiest Potato Soup

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    4 smallish potatoes, peeled
    1/2 large onion
    1 carrot, peeled
    1 tablespoon oil
    salt and pepper
    (optional: veg. broth)


Cut potatoes and carrot into 1-inch cubes, more than cover with water in a saucepan (some veg. broth is also good), and bring to a boil.

Saute onion in oil until brown.

When potatoes are soft, dump out most of the cooking water except for the last couple of inches, and dump in the onions.  Set aside a few chunks of potatoes and some of the onions, then blend the big pot of potatoes and onions with a hand-held blender or mixer, or use a food processor or blender, being very careful not to splash!  Add water, veg.  broth, or soy milk as needed for desired soup-like consistency.  Mash the set-aside potatoes a little, then add them and the onions back to the big pot and stir.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serves: 4 or so

Preparation time: about 25 min.

        Quick Barbeque Sandwiches

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    1 cup textured soy protein
    1/2 cup water
    1 medium onion, chopped fine
    1 or 2 cloves garlic, minced
    water or other liquid for sauteing
    your favorite barbeque sauce or mustard sauce


Mix the textured soy protein with the 1/2 cup water and set aside for 5 minutes.

Saute onion in about 1 Tbs. liquid until almost clear.  Then add garlic and cook for another minute.  Add the reconstituted textured soy protein.  Add the barbeque sauce until the mixture is the right consistency for sandwiches.  Heat thoroughly and serve.



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Abundant Blessings © contains a meditation and affirmations for Conscious Money circulation. The meditation guides you within, to a place of centered calm. Affirmations of abundance and gratitude play in the background while you pay your bills or any time that you would like to be uplifted.

Play this CD and transform the mundane into the miraculous as you pay bills with gratitude and JOY!

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News:  Destiny Designer - A Practical Aid To Organize Your Life

Even when we read spiritual books; even when we exercise; even when we practice affirmations and positive thinking;
even when we pray and meditate - it is not enough until we undertake these actions - consistently every day.  If we aren't organized, we aren't committed.

Virtually all organized, responsible business professionals carry them. They are essential.  They are the omnipresent symbols of our busy, complicated lives. They are, of course…day planners. And until now they have performed just two functions, where to be or what to do next: the next meeting, the next event, the next task, the next party, the next phone call...

Now there is the Destiny Designer,™ a breakthrough personal calendar/planner that demands your focus on enhancing the fullness and richness of your life as much as it does managing your daily routine. If you use this one-of-a-kind tool every day, you will create the life you most passionately desire!

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A Poem by William Simpson -


Another Kind Of Love                          


There is another kind of love.

One without an unfulfilled desire.

One that seeks no selfish end.


Imagine loving your child

Without any expectation.


Imagine loving your parent

Without any assumption.


Imagine loving your friend

Without any calculation.


Imagine loving everyone

Without any agenda

Without any thought of

What you can get.


We strive so hard

To be loved.

We pay such a high price

In emotion, and time, and life’s blood.


When the best way

To get it –

Is to give it –



There is another kind of love.


(From the collection, "From The Path - Verses On The Mystic Journey" click Here for more)

Copyright 2004 by The Conscious Living Foundation, All Rights Reserved

Let's share the gifts for which we are most grateful:
 joy, wisdom, love and the means to increase them in our lives. 
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News:  Two New Music CDs:  "Soul Calls" and "Yoga Heart Healing"


Spirituality is a quiet inner quality that eclipses all boundaries of land, caste, profession, and religion, - and it manifests in many ways. For those whose spirituality seeks an ever deepening personal peace, the music of the SOUL CALLS provides a peaceful, soothing vibrational environment for the heart and mind of the listener. For those who are actively engaged in the interior life of loving God, the lyrics of the SOUL CALLS affirm the longing for and the presence of the Divine Beloved. Touching the heart of the peace-giver, the spiritual seeker and the devotee alike, the SOUL CALLS take the consciousness within ~ to the place of peace.   Click Here




YOGA HEART HEALING was created from the need to heal Anahata, the fourth chakra, considered the seat of universal love.   Anahata is the color green.  Our recording was created to support your practice of yoga, massage and other nurturing and healing activities.


Inspired by Dharma teachings from both Hindu and Buddhist wisdom, Yoga Heart Healing will open your heart chakra with its rich vibrant textures of soothing melodic transitions.  - just click Here!


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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (excerpt)

Control of the mind by the Soul, like control of the muscles by the
mind, comes by practice, and constant voluntary repetition.

As an example of control of the muscles by the mind, take the
ceaseless practice by which a musician gains mastery over his
instrument, or a fencer gains skill with a rapier. Innumerable small
efforts of attention will make a result which seems well-nigh
miraculous; which, for the novice, is really miraculous. Then consider
that far more wonderful instrument, the perceiving mind, played on by
that fine musician, the Soul. Here again, innumerable small efforts of
attention will accumulate into mastery, and a mastery worth winning.
For a concrete example, take the gradual conquest of each day, the
effort to live that day for the Soul. To him that is faithful unto death,
the Master gives the crown of life.

11. The gradual conquest of the mind's tendency to flit from one
object to another, and the power of one-pointedness, make the
development of Contemplation.

As an illustration of the mind's tendency to flit from one object to
another, take a small boy, learning arithmetic. He begins: two ones are
two; three ones are three-and then he thinks of three coins in his
pocket, which will purchase so much candy, in the store down the
street, next to the toy-shop, where are base-balls, marbles and so on,
-and then he comes back with a jerk, to four ones are four. So with us
also. We are seeking the meaning of our task, but the mind takes
advantage of a moment of slackened attention, and flits off from one
frivolous detail to another, till we suddenly come back to
consciousness after traversing leagues of space. We must learn to
conquer this, and to go back within ourselves into the beam of
perceiving consciousness itself, which is a beam of the Oversoul. This
is the true onepointedness, the bringing of our consciousness to a
focus in the Soul.

12. When, following this, the controlled manifold tendency and the
aroused one-pointedness are equally balanced parts of the perceiving
consciousness, his the development of one-pointedness.

This would seem to mean that the insight which is called
one-pointedness has two sides, equally balanced. There is, first, the
manifold aspect of any object, the sum of all its characteristics and
properties. This is to be held firmly in the mind. Then there is the
perception of the object as a unity, as a whole, the perception of its
essence. First, the details must be clearly perceived; then the essence
must be comprehended. When the two processes are equally balanced,
the true onepointedness is attained. Everything has these two sides,
the side of difference and the side of unity; there is the individual and
there is the genus; the pole of matter and diversity, and the pole of
oneness and spirit. To see the object truly, we must see both.

13. Through this, the inherent character, distinctive marks and
conditions of being and powers, according to their development, are
made clear.

By the power defined in the preceding sutra, the inherent character,
distinctive marks and conditions of beings and powers are made clear.
For through this power, as defined, we get a twofold view of each
object, seeing at once all its individual characteristics and its essential
character, species and genus; we see it in relation to itself, and in
relation to the Eternal. Thus we see a rose as that particular flower,
with its colour and scent, its peculiar fold of each petal; but we also
see in it the species, the family to which it belongs, with its relation to
all plants, to all life, to Life itself. So in any day, we see events and
circumstances; we also see in it the lesson set for the soul by the

14. Every object has its characteristics which are already quiescent,
those which are active, and those which are not yet definable.

Every object has characteristics belonging to its past, its present and
its future. In a fir tree, for example, there are the stumps or scars of
dead branches, which once represented its foremost growth; there are
the branches with their needles spread out to the air; there are the
buds at the end of each branch and twig, which carry the still closely
packed needles which are the promise of the future. In like manner,
the chrysalis has, as its past, the caterpillar; as its future, the butterfly.
The man has, in his past, the animal; in his future, the angel. Both are
visible even now in his face. So with all things, for all things change
and grow.

15. Difference in stage is the cause of difference in development.

This but amplifies what has just been said. The first stage is the
sapling, the caterpillar, the animal. The second stage is the growing
tree, the chrysalis, the man. The third is the splendid pine, the
butterfly, the angel. Difference of stage is the cause of difference of
development. So it is among men, and among the races of men.

16. Through perfectly concentrated Meditation on the three stages of
development comes a knowledge of past and future.

We have taken our illustrations from natural science, because, since
every true discovery in natural science is a divination of a law in
nature, attained through a flash of genius, such discoveries really
represent acts of spiritual perception, acts of perception by the
spiritual man, even though they are generally not so recognized. So
we may once more use the same illustration. Perfectly concentrated
Meditation, perfect insight into the chrysalis, reveals the caterpillar
that it has been, the butterfly that it is destined to be. He who knows
the seed, knows the seed-pod or ear it has come from, and the plant
that is to come from it. So in like manner he who really knows today,
and the heart of to-day, knows its parent yesterday and its child
tomorrow. Past, present and future are all in the Eternal. He who
dwells in the Eternal knows all three.

17. The sound and the ob ject and the thought called up by a word are
confounded because they are all blurred together in the mind. By
perfectly concentrated Meditation on the distinction between them,
there comes an understanding of the sounds uttered by all beings.

It must be remembered that we are speaking of perception by the
spiritual man.

Sound, like every force, is the expression of a power of the Eternal.
Infinite shades of this power are expressed in the infinitely varied
tones of sound. He who, having entry to the consciousness of the
Eternal knows the essence of this power, can divine the meanings of
all sounds, from the voice of the insect to the music of the spheres.

In like manner, he who has attained to spiritual vision can perceive the
mind-images in the thoughts of others, with the shade of feeling which
goes with them, thus reading their thoughts as easily as he hears their
words. Every one has the germ of this power, since difference of tone
will give widely differing meanings to the same words, meanings
which are intuitively perceived by everyone.

18. When the mind-impressions become visible, there comes an
understanding of previous births.

This is simple enough if we grasp the truth of rebirth. The fine harvest
of past experi ences is drawn into the spiritual nature, forming, indeed,
the basis of its development. When the consciousness has been raised
to a point above these fine subjective impressions, and can look down
upon them from above, this will in itself be a remembering of past

19. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on mind-images is gained
the understanding of the thoughts of others.

Here, for those who can profit by it, is the secret of thought-reading.
Take the simplest case of intentional thought transference. It is the
testimony of those who have done this, that the perceiving mind must
be stilled, before the mind-image projected by the other mind can be
seen. With it comes a sense of the feeling and temper of the other
mind and so on, in higher degrees.

20. But since that on which the thought in the mind of another rests
is not objective to the thought-reader's consciousness, he perceives the
thought only, and not also that on which the thought rests.

The meaning appears to be simple: One may be able to perceive the
thoughts of some one at a distance; one cannot, by that means alone,
also perceive the external surroundings of that person, which arouse
these thoughts.

21. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on the form of the body, by
arresting the body's perceptibility, and by inhibiting the eye's power of
sight, there comes the power to make the body invisible.

There are many instances of the exercise of this power, by mesmerists,
hypnotists and the like; and we may simply call it an instance of the
power of suggestion. Shankara tells us that by this power the popular
magicians of the East perform their wonders, working on the
mind-images of others, while remaining invisible themselves. It is all
a question of being able to see and control the mind-images.

22. The works which fill out the life-span may be either immediately
or gradually operative. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on these
comes a knowledge of the time of the end, as also through signs.

A garment which is wet, says the commentator, may be hung up to
dry, and so dry rapidly, or it may be rolled in a ball and dry slowly; so
a fire may blaze or smoulder. Thus it is with Karma, the works that fill
out the life-span. By an insight into the mental forms and forces which
make up Karma, there comes a knowledge of the rapidity or slowness
of their development, and of the time when the debt will be paid.

23. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on sympathy, compassion
and kindness, is gained the power of interior union with others.

Unity is the reality; separateness the illusion. The nearer we come to
reality, the nearer we come to unity of heart. Sympathy, compassion,
kindness are modes of this unity of heart, whereby we rejoice with
those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. These things are
learned by desiring to learn them.

24. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on power, even such power
as that of the elephant may be gained.

This is a pretty image. Elephants possess not only force, but poise and
fineness of control. They can lift a straw, a child, a tree with perfectly
judged control and effort. So the simile is a good one. By detachment,
by withdrawing into the soul's reservoir of power, we can gain all
these, force and fineness and poise; the ability to handle with equal
mastery things small and great, concrete and abstract alike.

25. By bending upon them the awakened inner light, there comes a
knowledge of things subtle, or concealed, or obscure.

As was said at the outset, each consciousness is related to all
consciousness; and, through it, has a potential consciousness of all
things; whether subtle or concealed or obscure. An understanding of
this great truth will come with practice. As one of the wise has said,
we have no conception of the power of Meditation.

26. By perf ectly concentrated Meditation on the sun comes a
knowledge of the worlds.

This has several meanings: First, by a knowledge of the constitution
of the sun, astronomers can understand the kindred nature of the stars.
And it is said that there is a finer astronomy, where the spiritual man
is the astronomer. But the sun also means the Soul, and through
knowledge of the Soul comes a knowledge of the realms of life.

27. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on the moon comes a
knowledge of the lunar mansions.

Here again are different meanings. The moon is, first, the companion
planet, which, each day, passes backward through one mansion of the
stars. By watching the moon, the boundaries of the mansion are
learned, with their succession in the great time-dial of the sky. But the
moon also symbolizes the analytic mind, with its divided realms; and
these, too, may be understood through perfectly concentrated

28. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on the fixed pole-star comes
a knowledge of the motions of the stars.

Addressing Duty, stern daughter of the Voice of God, Wordsworth
finely said:

Thou cost preserve the stars from wrong,
And the most ancient heavens through thee are fresh and strong -

thus suggesting a profound relation between the moral powers and the
powers that rule the worlds. So in this Sutra the fixed polestar is the
eternal spirit about which all things move, as well as the star toward
which points the axis of the earth. Deep mysteries attend both, and the
veil of mystery is only to be raised by Meditation, by open-eyed vision
of the awakened spiritual man.

29. Perfectly concentrated Meditation on the centre of force in the
lower trunk brings an understanding of the order of the bodily powers.
We are coming to a vitally important part of the teaching of Yoga:
namely, the spiritual man's attainment of full self-consciousness, the
awakening of the spiritual man as a self-conscious individual, behind
and above the natural man. In this awakening, and in the process of
gestation which precedes it, there is a close relation with the powers
of the natural man, which are, in a certain sense, the projection,
outward and downward, of the powers of the spiritual man. This is
notably true of that creative power of the spiritual man which, when
embodied in the natural man, becomes the power of generation. Not
only is this power the cause of the continuance of the bodily race of
mankind, but further, in the individual, it is the key to the dominance
of the personal life. Rising, as it were, through the life-channels of the
body, it flushes the personality with physical force, and maintains and
colours the illusion that the physical life is the dominant and
all-important expression of life. In due time, when the spiritual man
has begun to take form, the creative force will be drawn off, and
become operative in building the body of the spiritual man, just as it
has been operative in the building of physical bodies, through
generation in the natural world.

Perfectly concentrated Meditation on the nature of this force means,
first, that rising of the consciousness into the spiritual world, already
described, which gives the one sure foothold for Meditation; and then,
from that spiritual point of vantage, not only an insight into the
creative force, in its spiritual and physical aspects, but also a gradually
attained control of this wonderful force, which will mean its direction
to the body of the spiritual man, and its gradual withdrawal from the
body of the natural man, until the over-pressure, so general and such
a fruitful source of misery in our day, is abated, and purity takes the
place of passion. This over pressure, which is the cause of so many
evils and so much of human shame, is an abnormal, not a natural,
condition. It is primarily due to spiritual blindness, to blindness
regarding the spiritual man, and ignorance even of his existence; for
by this blind ignorance are closed the channels through which, were
they open, the creative force could flow into the body of the spiritual
man, there building up an immortal vesture. There is no cure for
blindness, with its consequent over-pressure and attendant misery and
shame, but spiritual vision, spiritual aspiration, sacrifice, the new birth
from above. There is no other way to lighten the burden, to lift the
misery and shame from human life. Therefore, let us follow after
sacrifice and aspiration, let us seek the light. In this way only shall we
gain that insight into the order of the bodily powers, and that mastery
of them, which this Sutra implies.

30. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on the centre of f orce in the
well of the throat, there comes the cessation of hunger and thirst.

We are continuing the study of the bodily powers and centres of force
in their relation to the powers and forces of the spiritual man. We have
already considered the dominant power of physical life, the creative
power which secures the continuance of physical life; and, further, the
manner in which, through aspiration and sacrifice, it is gradually raised
and set to the work of upbuilding the body of the spiritual man. We
come now to the dominant psychic force, the power which manifests
itself in speech, and in virtue of which the voice may carry so much of
the personal magnetism, endowing the orator with a tongue of fire,
magical in its power to arouse and rule the emotions of his hearers.
This emotional power, this distinctively psychical force, is the cause
of "hunger and thirst," the psychical hunger and thirst for sensations,
which is the source of our two-sided life of emotionalism, with its
hopes and fears, its expectations and memories, its desires and hates.
The source of this psychical power, or, perhaps we should say, its
centre of activity in the physical body is said to be in the cavity of the
throat. Thus, in the Taittiriya Upanishad it is written: "There is this
shining ether in the inner being. Therein is the spiritual man, formed
through thought, immortal, golden. Inward, in the palate, the organ
that hangs down like a nipple,-this is the womb of Indra. And there,
where the dividing of the hair turns, extending upward to the crown
of the head."

Indra is the name given to the creative power of which we have
spoken, and which, we are told, resides in "the organ which hangs
down like a nipple, inward, in the palate."

31. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on the centre of force in the
channel called the "tortoise-formed," comes steadfastness.

We are concerned now with the centre of nervous or psychical force
below the cavity of the throat, in the chest, in which is felt the
sensation of fear; the centre, the disturbance of which sets the heart
beating miserably with dread, or which produces that sense of terror
through which the heart is said to stand still.

When the truth concerning fear is thoroughly mastered, through
spiritual insight into the immortal, fearless life, then this force is
perfectly controlled; there is no more fear, just as, through the control
of the psychic power which works through the nerve-centre in the
throat, there comes a cessation of "hunger and thirst." Thereafter,
these forces, or their spiritual prototypes, are turned to the building of
the spiritual man.

Always, it must be remembered, the victory is first a spiritual one;
only later does it bring control of the bodily powers.

32. Through perfectly concentrated Meditation on the light in the head
comes the vision of the Masters who have attained.

The tradition is, that there is a certain centre of force in the head,
perhaps the "pineal gland," which some of our Western philosophers
have supposed to be the dwelling of the soul,-a centre which is, as it
were, the door way between the natural and the spiritual man. It is the
seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outward
looking consciousness in the forward part of the head; that better and
wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind," which views spiritual
things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view on the outward looking
consciousness in the forward part of the head. It is the spiritual man
seeking to guide the natural man, seeking to bring the natural man to
concern himself with the things of his immortality. This is suggested
in the words of the Upanishad already quoted: "There, where the
dividing of the hair turns, extending upward to the crown of the
head"; all of which may sound very fantastical, until one comes to
understand it.

It is said that when this power is fully awakened, it brings a vision of
the great Companions of the spiritual man, those who have already
attained, crossing over to the further shore of the sea of death and
rebirth. Perhaps it is to this divine sight that the Master alluded, who
is reported to have said: "I counsel you to buy of me eye-salve, that
you may see." It is of this same vision of the great Companions, the
children of light, that a seer wrote:

"Though inland far we be,
Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither,
Can in a moment travel thither,
And see the Children sport upon the shore
And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore."

33. Or through the divining power of tuition he knows all things.

This is really the supplement, the spiritual side, of the Sutra just
translated. Step by step, as the better consciousness, the spiritual
view, gains force in the back of the mind, so, in the same measure, the
spiritual man is gaining the power to see: learning to open the spiritual
eyes. When the eyes are fully opened, the spiritual man beholds the
great Companions standing about him; he has begun to "know all

This divining power of intuition is the power which lies above and
behind the so-called rational mind; the rational mind formulates a
question and lays it before the intuition, which gives a real answer,
often immediately distorted by the rational mind, yet always
embodying a kernel of truth. It is by this process, through which the
rational mind brings questions to the intuition for solution, that the
truths of science are reached, the flashes of discovery and genius. But
this higher power need not work in subordination to the so-called
rational mind, it may act directly, as full illumination, "the vision and
the faculty divine."

34 By perfectly concentrated Meditation on the heart, the interior
being, comes the knowledge of consciousness.

The heart here seems to mean, as it so often. does in the Upanishads,
the interior, spiritual nature, the consciousness of the spiritual man,
which is related to the heart, and to the wisdom of the heart. By
steadily seeking after, and finding, the consciousness of the spiritual
man, by coming to consciousness as the spiritual man, a perfect
knowledge of consciousness will be attained. For the conscious ness
of the spiritual man has this divine quality: while being and remaining
a truly individual consciousness, it at the same time flows over, as it
were, and blends with the Divine Consciousness above and about it,
the consciousness of the great Companions; and by showing itself to
be one with the Divine Consciousness, it reveals the nature of all
consciousness, the secret that all consciousness is One and Divine.

35. The personal self seeks to feast on life, through a failure to
perceive the distinction between the personal self and the spiritual
man. All personal experience really exists for the sake of another:
namely, the spiritual man. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on
experience for the sake of the Self, comes a knowledge of the spiritual

The divine ray of the Higher Self, which is eternal, impersonal and
abstract, descends into life, and forms a personality, which, through
the stress and storm of life, is hammered into a definite and concrete
self-conscious individuality. The problem is, to blend these two
powers, taking the eternal and spiritual being of the first, and blending
with it, transferring into it, the self-conscious individuality of the
second; and thus bringing to life a third being, the spiritual man, who
is heir to the immortality of his father, the Higher Self, and yet has the
self-conscious, concrete individuality of his other parent, the personal
self. This is the true immaculate conception, the new birth from above,
"conceived of the Holy Spirit." Of this new birth it is said: "that which
is born of the Spirit is spirit.: ye must be born again."

Rightly understood, therefore, the whole life of the personal man is for
another, not for himself. He exists only to render his very life and all
his experience for the building up of the spiritual man. Only through
failure to see this, does he seek enjoyment for himself, seek to secure
the feasts of life for himself; not understanding that he must live for
the other, live sacrificially, offering both feasts and his very being on
the altar; giving himself as a contribution for the building of the
spiritual man. When he does understand this, and lives for the Higher
Self, setting his heart and thought on the Higher Self, then his sacrifice
bears divine fruit, the spiritual man is built up, consciousness awakes
in him, and he comes fully into being as a divine and immortal

36. Thereupon are born the divine power of intuition, and the hearing,
the touch, the vision, the taste and the power of smell of the spiritual

When, in virtue of the perpetual sacrifice of the personal man, daily
and hourly giving his life for his divine brother the spiritual man, and
through the radiance ever pouring down from the Higher Self, eternal
in the Heavens, the spiritual man comes to birth,-there awake in him
those powers whose physical counterparts we know in the personal
man. The spiritual man begins to see, to hear, to touch, to taste. And,
besides the senses of the spiritual man, there awakes his mind, that
divine counterpart of the mind of the physical man, the power of
direct and immediate knowledge, the power of spiritual intuition, of
divination. This power, as we have seen, owes its virtue to the unity,
the continuity, of consciousness, whereby whatever is known to any
consciousness, is knowable by any other consciousness. Thus the
consciousness of the spiritual man, who lives above our narrow
barriers of separateness, is in intimate touch with the consciousness of
the great Companions, and can draw on that vast reservoir for all real
needs. Thus arises within the spiritual man that certain knowledge
which is called intuition, divination, illumination.

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Buddhist Scripture:  The Dhammapada (excerpt)                   

Chapter I
The Twin-Verses

1. All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is
founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man
speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel
follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.

2. All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is
founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man
speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a
shadow that never leaves him.

3. "He abused me, he beat me, he defeated me, he robbed me,"--in those
who harbour such thoughts hatred will never cease.

4. "He abused me, he beat me, he defeated me, he robbed me,"--in those
who do not harbour such thoughts hatred will cease.

5. For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by
love, this is an old rule.

6. The world does not know that we must all come to an end here;--but
those who know it, their quarrels cease at once.

7. He who lives looking for pleasures only, his senses uncontrolled,
immoderate in his food, idle, and weak, Mara (the tempter) will
certainly overthrow him, as the wind throws down a weak tree.

8. He who lives without looking for pleasures, his senses well
controlled, moderate in his food, faithful and strong, him Mara will
certainly not overthrow, any more than the wind throws down a rocky

9. He who wishes to put on the yellow dress without having cleansed
himself from sin, who disregards temperance and truth, is unworthy of
the yellow dress.

10. But he who has cleansed himself from sin, is well grounded in all
virtues, and regards also temperance and truth, he is indeed worthy of
the yellow dress.

11. They who imagine truth in untruth, and see untruth in truth, never
arrive at truth, but follow vain desires.

12. They who know truth in truth, and untruth in untruth, arrive at
truth, and follow true desires.

13. As rain breaks through an ill-thatched house, passion will break
through an unreflecting mind.

14. As rain does not break through a well-thatched house, passion will
not break through a well-reflecting mind.

15. The evil-doer mourns in this world, and he mourns in the next; he
mourns in both. He mourns and suffers when he sees the evil of his
own work.

16. The virtuous man delights in this world, and he delights in the
next; he delights in both. He delights and rejoices, when he sees the
purity of his own work.

17. The evil-doer suffers in this world, and he suffers in the next;
he suffers in both. He suffers when he thinks of the evil he has
done; he suffers more when going on the evil path.

18. The virtuous man is happy in this world, and he is happy in the
next; he is happy in both. He is happy when he thinks of the good he
has done; he is still more happy when going on the good path.

19. The thoughtless man, even if he can recite a large portion (of the
law), but is not a doer of it, has no share in the priesthood, but is
like a cowherd counting the cows of others.

20. The follower of the law, even if he can recite only a small
portion (of the law), but, having forsaken passion and hatred and
foolishness, possesses true knowledge and serenity of mind, he, caring
for nothing in this world or that to come, has indeed a share in the

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