ďSoul Calls One - Journey Within"

Soul Calls reflect the deepest yearning of the devotee for union with the Divine Beloved.  In the style of mystics like Rumi, Kabir, and Mirabai, Saranya's spiritually intimate lyrics and soothing renditions peacefully carry the consciousness deeper within.  
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The Recording

Spirituality is a quiet inner quality that eclipses all boundaries of land, caste, profession, and religion, - and it manifests in many ways. For those whose spirituality seeks an ever deepening personal peace, the music of the SOUL CALLS provides a peaceful, soothing vibrational environment for the heart and mind of the listener. For those who are actively engaged in the interior life of loving God, the lyrics of the SOUL CALLS affirm the longing for and the presence of the Divine Beloved. Touching the heart of the peace-giver, the spiritual seeker and the devotee alike, the SOUL CALLS take the consciousness within ~ to the place of peace.

SOUL CALLS ONE ~ JOURNEY WITHIN is the first of a trilogy of CDís recorded in Kolkata, India with world class Indian musicians. In these inspired songs, Saranya gives voice (in English) to the deepest yearning of the soul ~ union with the Divine Beloved.

JOURNEY WITHIN calls to many aspects of the Divine, but most soulfully to Divine Mother as it traces the soulís journey within, entreating Her to come and lift the devotee out of the grasp of Maya, safely into Her arms of Love; the soulís true home.

The first Soul Call affirms the peaceful presence of Divine Mother as the holy vibration of Om. In the second track the soul begins to awaken from itís spiritual amnesia and longs for emancipation into the Light, Love, and secure unending Peace and Joy of God. In track three, the devotee affirms that with all sincerity and without end, the desire for contact with the Divine Beloved ~ God ~ will be the constant soul call.

Feeling the pangs of separation, in the fourth Soul Call the devotee appeals to Divine Mother to come soon and show Herself and to assure the devotee of Her ever-present protection. In track five the devotee explains the depth and breadth of the love and need the soul has for Her. In track six, the devotee-child asks the Mother to take the soul upon Her lap of omnipresent love and comfort it with enlightenment.

The Mother responds in track seven, with a lullaby reminding the child to be still and go within where She is ever waiting: ďIím here, My child; donít fear, My child. Iím here inside with youÖ.Ē Giving assurances of Her waiting, loving, protecting presence within, the Mother speaks to the devotee and tells Her soul-child to seek Her in the stillness within, through silent meditation and by loving Her.

In the last Soul Call, the journey within has changed the devoteeís life; glimmers of realization and spiritual experience prove to the devotee that to be Home at last, safe in the Divine Beloved, is the reachable goal and birthright of each soul.

Like Rumi, Kabir, Tagore and Mirabai, the SOUL CALLS speak deeply to God from the heart. Christian mystic Brother Lawrence called it Practicing the Presence of God. Mystics of all lands have told us about this intimate loving relationship with the Divine Beloved. The SOUL CALLS peacefully carry the consciousness within ~ and turn it Godward.

NOTE - Packaging Extras: The SOUL CALLS CD features exquisite Astronomy Art and a tri-fold Digi Pack design (no jewel case to scratch, break, or fight with!) Also included are liner notes, song titles on the CD as well as on the jacket, an easy-to-read booklet insert containing the lyrics with short commentaries which guide the devotee deeper into the realm of thought, feeling, and experience of each Soul Call and a letter from Aranya, (an SRF member and Kriyaban disciple of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda since 1972).

Total Duration: 72 Minutes


Songs that shimmer with Light
Reviewer: Pat Ryan
Saranya's soul songs come alive in the heart. The beautifully wrapped musical settings entice the listener to go deeper into the sacred grooves. Listen with deep devotion and feel Spirit calling! Play these songs again and again and the power of the world recedes. Feel the Light spreading in all directions. Thank you, Saranya, for creating and sharing such lovely art!

I completely love this music. I listen to it almost daily.
Reviewer: Lisa Hudson
This music is so soothing and inspiring and beautiful. I listen to it almost daily. It is my remedy for the fast pace, multi-tasking, pressure-filled world I live in. It immediately re-centers me and takes me to that place my soul craves.

Deep healing of the wounded inner child within. Reprogramming this self with Lov
Reviewer: Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser
I recommend this CD for healing the wounded inner child self, for reprogramming this self with Love Divine so that the innate original DIVINE SELF MAY SHINE FORTH!

Like rainbow bubbles floating in an astral mist!
Reviewer: Catherine Saltzman, N.D.
Divine Mother surely picked a beautiful channel for expression in Saranya because her deep, loving voice and sweet nuances are perfect for these songs -- she makes them like rainbow bubbles floating in an astral mist!  The way she so delicately sings is like watching someone blow fragile glass figurines: the slightest jolt and the whole latticework would fall.  But there never is the slightest jolt.  Listening is a unique experience of divine longing.


Play Samples from "Soul Calls One - Journey Within" (click on your choice):

  1. Om Shanti
  2. Safe In Thee
  3. Silent Beloved
  4. Hasten Thou The Day
  5. Surely You Must Know
  6. Rock Me Awake
  7. Be Still, My Child
  8. Fly! Fly! Fly!

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