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Verses On The Mystic Journey

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"We are all on the path of our lives.  The path that leads from birth to childhood, youth to maturity, work, family, advanced years, death, and
to the life beyond.  Each of us was born with a purpose – with an intention to manifest certain qualities, to learn particular lessons and to share particular experiences with each other.  We are put here together, so that we might discover and share our lives – together - in service and love to each other.  In
the end, all our paths lead to the
same place, our home in Spirit  But
we each have our own unique way of getting there. 

             I hope that in some way, these poems, which describe my experiences along a portion of my path, will encourage you to embrace your path more fully, understanding that not only the moments of inspiration and joy are to be
relished, but that the moments of doubt, fatigue and loneliness are
also a blessed part of your journey.  Suffering is not an easy experience to categorize as a blessing, but in
my life, it has been true. 

           Despite your circumstances, do not give up hope; there is a way.  Do not give up trying to understand and improve.  Do not give up the discovery of who you really are within the core of your being, for
you are beautiful, joyful and full of love.  You are a blessing to all along your path.

             Although some of these poems appear to be personal, as if written to me, or about me; it is my conviction that they were equally written to you and all who are walking the path of spiritual unfoldment.  It is my sincere hope that you will find in them continuing inspiration and support as you wind your way along the path."  

- William Simpson










































































The Book:     

Critics are describing the book as "...sheer joyful wisdom, wonder, warmth and wild beauty... The language is stunning... I think From The Path is more than just a book of poems.  It is a way of thinking and being that comes from our connection with language and the power of words."  -

"A spiritual bullet that will penetrate your soul with excitement for the written word.. poems filled with inspiration about... faith, love and beliefs.  An appealing book of wisdom... a wonderful gift or tool for your own soul searching."  - Midwest Book Review

From The Path, is written with wisdom and practical understanding of our modern life, and yet at the same time, speaks eloquently and with surprising vulnerability and intimacy of Mr. Simpson's love affair with Spirit.

The author does not pretend to have arrived at the end of the journey, but rather to be sharing his experiences from his location somewhere along the path.  By offering us this unique perspective, with one hand holding to the practicalities of a wife and four children, while with the other dancing (and sometimes wrestling) with Spirit, he fills the gap between us and our aspirations and provides a clear and inspiring anticipation of our own steps along the path.

Non-denominational and easily accessible, the poetry offers an expansive palette of emotions describing the nature of a contemporary relationship with God.  From a feeling of powerlessness to help another, to the transforming recognition of love and grace embracing us in every moment.  In the end, we are left with a new experience of the ups and downs of our own life, viewed through the immaculate lens of a modern love for God.

The book also includes a bonus chapter entitled  "First Steps" - a collection of practical techniques for growth and transformation including detailed instructions on:  Practicing The Presence, Affirmations, Meditation, Chanting Om, Watching The Breath, Sitting In The Stillness, Love, Giving All Actions To God and Practicing "The Last Day".

The Author:  William Simpson

After having been raised in the Christian church since he was 5, Mr. Simpson  began his own personal spiritual search in the 1960s through reading and practicing the principles and traditions of various religions including Chan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism.  He began his meditational practices within the Zen tradition.

In 1975, he began practicing Kriya Yoga meditation, a form of Raja Yoga offered by  Paramahansa Yogananda and Self Realization Fellowship and has continued practicing in that tradition since then.

In early 2002, he founded The Conscious Living Foundation and in addition to directing that organization, has taught several classes including "The Fundamentals of Conscious Living" series.  He is currently at work on his second book, a practical guide entitled "Stepping Out Of The Whirlwind - A Beginner's Manual For A Conscious Life".

In addition to writing, Mr. Simpson has also recorded several of the audio products offered by The Conscious Living Foundation.

Some of The Poems:

The Dance -

The gentle zephyr brushes against the willow branch,
     It drifts in waltzing motion to the thrill.
The ocean tide rolls and slides onto the shore,
     Glistening in its reflected joy.
The cloud imperceptibly transforms its multi-dimensional halo of light,
     Entrancing the souls of children and dreamers.
The motherly dove fluttering to build her spring nest,
     Cooing the mysterious music of birth.
The throbbing heart of the expectant lover,
     Hovering in eager longing for the appearance of her delayed beloved.
The elderly woman, body worn and consumed by years of toil
     Shuffles toward Bethlehem embodied in her tousled bed.
The scuttling frantic thoughts of a fearful youth trapped in turmoil,
     Ensnared outside his reason and wisdom, running away from his self respect.

All these tremulous waves of expanding motion,
Whirling, trembling, wandering, writhing, drifting
All shadows of Your intricate weaving dance,
Lightly moving to the music of ecstasy.


As The New Day Dawns -

As the new day dawns
The mist slowly evaporates.
Blending into the morning sun
In an intimate fleeting embrace.
The blossoming flowers dip and pray
Opening to new joy, new life.

So this day opens for me.
I begin anew.
Each breath a new existence
Freshly carved and shaped by
My willingness to share it with You.

As the blossom of my heart
Gently awakens and  turns
Toward the entrancing gleam of
Your radiating presence,
Every goodness awaits me.

I  am new again.
I am healed and refreshed again.
I am united with your persistent love again
I am glorified and redeemed again.
I am Your newborn child.


Affliction And Indifference -

Everywhere on this blue-green planet
Life is teeming with
Labor and play,
Affliction and indifference.

Somewhere in a trash-littered alley
Cracked concrete and wet cardboard providing a pillow,
Lies a brother wearing the dull threadbare coat of despair.

If my joy in Thee does not include
Comforting and care for him
To what end is my joy known?

Somewhere in a small arid village
Cracked sun-parched clay providing a pillow,
A small sunken-eyed child is wearily starving to death.

If my love-delight in Thee does not include
Nurturing and protection for her
To what end is my love known?

Somewhere in a smoky shout-filled street
Cracked upturned earth and shards of metal providing a pillow,
Lies a torn soldier, eyes lost in the shock of  death’s last tremor.

If my tears of tender sympathy for Thee do not include
Consolation and practical succor for him
To what end is my sympathy known?

Everywhere on this blue-green planet
Life is teeming with
Labor and play,
Affliction and indifference.

Selection From The Bonus Section "First Steps":

The preceding poems are spiritual snap shots – brief glimpses into a particular moment.  Hopefully they have served to inspire and encourage you to begin or continue your own spiritual journey of discovery.

While they may inspire, the poems can not give you the actual experiences that they attempt to describe.  In order for you to experience your own growth and transformation, you must walk the path, not merely view photographs of another’s journey.

This chapter is a brief “how to” of pragmatic preliminary steps that can be taken to begin or deepen your own personal progress to a happier, more aware life.  They are included with my best wishes and with the confidence that you will find that which you seek.

 “Change begets change.  Nothing propagates so fast.  If a man habituated to a narrow circle of cares and pleasures, out of which he seldom travels, step beyond it, though for never so brief a space, his departure from the monotonous scene on which he has been an actor of importance would seem to be the signal for instant confusion.... The mine which Time has slowly dug beneath familiar objects is sprung in an instant; and what was rock before, becomes but sand and dust.”

      - Charles Dickens

Most of us live in a whirlwind created by our thoughts and activities.  Our conscious attention is not on our life, but on the thousand things to do and say.  We have a choice, whether to be driven by our desires for fortune, fame, the right work, doing a good job, finding the right mate, improving our health, or a limitless number of other hopes and desires – or to consider some alternative. 

These hopes and desires, thoughts and actions, create the whirlwind.  And to the degree we are emotionally and physically moved by them, we immerse ourselves in that whirlwind.  Eventually, we forget that being happy is important – that appreciating the beauty of this moment is necessary for our health.  Rather, we continue to be driven deeper and deeper into “doing” and we may lose our “being”.

But, there is another way.  There is a life with more joy, more peace, more health, more sincere appreciation for the constant gifts of life and love.  Where to begin?  Carl Jung said, "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes."



Of all the tools presented here, meditation is the most important.  It is the most effective.  However, it is also the most subtle and may often feel unproductive, if you require an instant perception of progress.

There are a large variety of meditation techniques.  Some involve bodily movement, some looking at an outer object such as a candle flame or mandala, others involve chanting or listening to a sound, such as a gong or bell.  These are all effective and may be appropriate techniques with which to begin.

Your goal in meditating is to allow the mind to relax and for thoughts to slow down and eventually stop – even if only for short periods of time. 

During your meditation, always keep your attention on the meditation technique.  When thoughts intrude, do not get caught in the loop of recognizing that you’re thinking and then have an additional thought that makes a judgment on you for thinking, and then having another thought that you should stop thinking, etc.  This chain of thoughts can continue throughout your meditation time.  This is not meditation – this is thinking about issues relating to meditation.

As you are able to let your thinking subside, you will discover spaces between your thoughts.  These spaces are created by the technique.  Let these spaces expand.  Inwardly, rest in these spaces; embrace them.

Product Details: 

  • Soft Cover: 118 pages;
  • Publisher: PageFree Publishing Inc.; 
  • ISBN: 1-58961-345-7
  • Library of Congress Number:  2004118262

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Customer & Editorial Reviews:

(5 Stars) More Than Just A Book of Poems:

I am not big on poetry, and "spiritual" or religious poetry often comes off to me as silly, sentimental, and sappy. Imagine my surprise when I read From the Path: Verses on the Mystic Journey, a wonderful and moving collection of poetry and verse with a mystical bent by author William W. Simpson. The poems hold no allegiance to any particular religious path, and therefore are highly accessible and truly inspiring for anyone who seeks to know more about themselves, their connection to the world around them, and their sense of unity with the Divine.

Simpson, the Founder of the Conscious Living Foundation and obviously a devoted seeker himself, has a gift with words and delights the senses with descriptions of emotions and feelings not easily captured in phrases. Many of the poems speak of an intimate relationship with a Higher Force, while others seem to ache for just such an experience, proving that Simpson understands that the path to enlightenment is ongoing - and sometimes one step forward - two steps back!

The poems' topics run the gamut from love, living in the Now, gratitude, the "body electric," relationships with nature, the mystical world we live in, and anything that touches upon the the search for human understanding and the quest for oneness with God. I was entranced and enchanted by some, moved to tears by others, and smiled in recognition at others still that reminded me of my own clumsy humanity standing before the greatness of the life force that created me.

The language is stunning, with simply gorgeous descriptive phrases that evoke feeling, wonder and a dreamy atmosphere that makes this a wonderful book to read when in solitude. My favorite poems are the lush and glorious ode to "Starlight," the inspiring "Unfurl Your Sail," the achingly pressing "What Can I Do?" and the simply joyful "Embrace," but it is hard to peg any of these poems as being better than any other. I truly loved them all, and each one created its own unique image and emotion within me.

I am not big on poetry, but I think From the Path is more than just a book of poems. It is a way of thinking and being that comes from the connection we have with language and the power of words to move us into places our intellect often fears going - deep within the heart of things. That's where the real stuff lives, both dark and light and this book recognizes that truth. The end of the book offers a section with tips of "First Steps" for those who truly seek to grow spiritually on their path, but those steps pale in comparison with the sheer joyful wisdom, wonder, warmth and wild beauty of the poems themselves.

Consider it food for the hungry spirit.

Review by Rev. Marie Jones, -


(5 Stars) You Should Journey Down This Path:

"We are all on the path of our lives. The path that leads from birth to childhood, youth to maturity, work, family, advanced years, death and to the life beyond. Each of us was born with a purpose-with an intention to manifest certain qualities, to learn particular lessons and to share particular experiences with each other. We are put here together, so that we might discover and share our lives-together-in service and love to each other. In the end, all our paths lead to the same place, our home in Spirit. But we each have our own unique way of getting there."

I honestly cannot think of much more to add to the aforementioned wisdom that describes the book "From The Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey" by William W. Simpson. However, since the aforementioned wisdom is not my own, I will give it a try.

The quotation is from the foreword of "From The Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey" which was written by the author/poet on Sept. 20, 2004, which happens to be the day before my 35th birthday. Is this a coincidence? Only you can be the judge, however, I was honored to review this poetic collection and am now just as honored to share its effects on me with you.

"From The Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey" is full of philosophy, lessons of life as well as moments of spiritual awakening and consciousness. As I read these jewels of verse, I would find myself reading silent prayers. I would turn the page and find myself gazing into the heavens at the wonders of GOD's creations. On the next page, I would find myself reminiscing about moments of my life that were long forgotten. I found myself caught up in each page, spiritually moved with the written testimony represented in the words of Mr. Simpson.

Though "From The Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey" chronicles the conscious journey of William Simpson, you will find a bit of yourself in each verse. If you consider yourself a spiritually inclined person, you will enjoy each and every page of this book. If you are a seeker of spirituality, the book also includes a bonus chapter entitled "First Steps" - a collection of practical techniques for growth and transformation including detailed instructions on: Practicing The Presence, Affirmations, Meditation, Chanting Om, Watching The Breath, Sitting In The Stillness, Loving, Giving All Actions To God and Practicing "The Last Day".

I believe you will enjoy Mr. Simpson's "Path" just as much as I.

Review by Robert Denson III
Managing Editor of Sunpiper Press
Owner of Sunpiper Literary & Consulting, P.C.


(5 Stars) Meditations On A Spiritual Journey:

For me, the best poetry stirs my soul; it awakens my spirit through its clarity and simplicity. Its purpose is clean, pointing me towards greater understanding of who I am in this world, or, even better, towards comprehension of the divine that indwells both this world and me. It is this comprehension, this movement towards the divine, that enables each of us to make this world better as we work for justice and an "acting-out" of the divine's attributes.

Much poetry that is published does not fall into this category for me. I find it bland; I struggle with the lines, struggle to make sense of it, and eventually give up. But every once in awhile I am rewarded with a rich vein of spirituality comes to me. William Simpson, spiritual master of the Conscious Living Foundation, has provided this vein for me, in his recent book, From the Path: Verses on the Mystic Journey. The poems in this book are food for the soul, providing both inlet and outlet for contemporary journeying with the divine.

Mr. Simpson is well aware that spirituality is a journey, that one never arrives. Through his long years of meditation, Simpson has discerned that each of us is here for a purpose. For him, part of that purpose was to record these sixty-six poems "found" during the course of his summer meditations in 2004. (He also includes a helpful primer on "first steps," described on the back cover as "practical techniques for growth and transformation.")

While he wrote, he struggled with his self-with whether the poems made sense, or how it would end. This struggle demonstrates the reality of the spiritual life as we move between the two poles of doubt and faith, darkness and illumination.

This struggle is clearly scene, and enhanced for each of us, in several of his poems. For example, in "And So I Sit," Mr. Simpson details the difficulty in maintaining a spiritual practice: "Distracted and enticed by / Flaws and indiscretions / I am pulled away from / Your presence." The joy of knowing the divine is attested in "To Rest In You," even with the awareness that a glimpse of truth now is not the end of the journey: "What a relief to rest in You! / To let go of pain. / To let go of tension. / To just let go.... / And what of the world? / Terror and war." Finally, we learn in "Another Kind Of Love" that the path to the divine is learned and lived by love: "There is another kind of love. / One without an unfulfilled desire. / One that seeks no selfish end.... / When the best way / To get it- / Is to give it- / Purely. / There is another kind of love."

We can thank Mr. Simpson for showing us how to dance. It is up to each of us to follow his lead and enter into this mystic dance.

Review by Jeremy Hoover, Hoover Reviews

Jeremy is a proofreader and book reviewer. He proofs and reviews mystery and crime fiction, 'dark' fiction (suspense, fantasy, and horror), biblical studies, historical religion, and Christian spirituality. For proofreading rates, or to request a review, contact Jeremy by emailing him or visiting his website,



A Spiritual Bullet:


From the Path is a spiritual bullet that will penetrate your soul with excitement for the written word. The book offers 66 poems filled with inspiration about yesterday, today and tomorrow as well as faith, love and beliefs. This is an appealing book of wisdom and would make a wonderful gift or a good tool for your own soul searching.


Sherry Russell

Midwest Book Review


Beautiful, Insightful and Inspirational:

The themes in these pieces range from light hearted examinations of everyday objects and situations through instructional pieces recounting the practice and personal experiences of the author during meditation, to deep insight into the self, God, and into the world around us. On their own merit, these pieces are beautiful, insightful, and inspirational.

However, that these pieces were created during meditation and during trance makes these poems that much more unique and that much more powerful. This aspect allows the reader an extra interesting look into the mind during meditation while in a feeling of well being, deep euphoria, and thankfulness.

Moreover, the author not only shares his triumphs during this process but also expresses situations when he is easily distracted, moments when he despairs, and the times when he feels disconnected. Any individual who practices meditation, at any level or using any method, will find their own experiences and feelings written on the pages of this book in beautiful and insightful ways that few of us could ever hope to replicate.

Tami Brady                                                                                 

Co-Dean: School of Religion and Spirituality, Suite University


(5 Stars)  Insight And Inspiration:  Reviewer:  Sue Terry.

William Simpson has captured the essence of experience on the spiritual path. Although that experience is different for everyone, the poetry and prose of his personal journey are well worth the read. The book is a warm and wonderful source to return to time and again for continual spiritual inspiration and support.

(5 Stars) Helping Me On My Own Path:  Reviewer:  Tom. Rook

This is not a book to be devoured at one sitting. I now keep it handy to browse for insights that come from within myself.

The title, “From The Path” intrigued me. And as I first browsed through the pages, I kept thinking of forks in the road, of taking the “Road Less Traveled”. On the cover we see a picture of a country “path” -- bordered by the majesty of trees, with branches showing –– promising color that will fill the branches at some time in the future.

The picture on the cover became a kind “preview” for me of what was about to happen when I looked inside. I was attracted to certain passages and words, and not so attracted to others. So when I took the roads that attracted me –– I found insights that resonated with me. The first resonance was when these words jumped out, 'Imagine a day, when ...'. I resonated with the whole poem.

I don’t know what would attract you, but when I found another poem with these words: “ Dream –– Of encouraging everyone –– Without an agenda”. Wow. This was what was happening to me –– the author was encouraging me –– without forcing any agenda on me. I was taking only those forks in the road that fit for me. We each were going to find only what fit for us, personally.

I continued browsing, and after a few more insightful experiences, I came across the title, 'First Steps'. Once again, I was strongly attracted to this paragraph: “In order for you to experience your own growth and transformation, you must walk the path, not merely view photographs of another’s journey”.

This book really is Simpson’s autobiography of his spiritual growth and learning. But by sharing places of his personal interest, I found myself resonating with some special parts of his path –– which were helping me on my own path. I soon found that this is not a book to be devoured at one sitting, and I now keep it handy to browse for insights that come from within myself. I recommend this for anyone looking for helps on life’s journey -- without wanting to follow any agenda but one’s own.

(5 Stars) Inspiring True Mysticism:  Reviewer:  J. P. Girardi

Simpson succeeds at communicating his love and devotion for the Ultimate Goal, as well as making us realize that we can also reach those heights. That Self- Realization is not only for the saintly and the monk or nun, the Himalayan yogi or the sufi, but for householders like you and me living the spiritual life, humbly, in the world, as he is.

(4 Stars) Route 66:  Reviewer:  W. Cruttenden

From the Path is an uplifting book containing 66 poems and a bit of narrative on how to find your own path. While I have not yet completely finished the book, all the poems I did read spoke of an inner experience or reflection on life that I think most of us can relate to. Some are about seeing through life's stresses or challenges and others about its quiet times or moments of coincidence or serendipity. Almost all of them provide a sweet perspective and hint at a Divine influence. The author's meditative point of view is clear and can't help but bring a sparkle to just about everything he contemplates.

I would recommend this book as a traveling companion. Whether one is moving along the path inward or outward these "verses on the mystic journey" provide a comfort and warmth rare in today's world. Enjoy.

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