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Photograph from "India Unveiled" -
The Complete Book
Available for purchase Here.









Photograph from "India Unveiled" -
The Complete Book
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Photograph from "India Unveiled" -
The Complete Book
Available for purchase Here.

Tour No. 2 - Pilgrimage To India

A Journey of the Heart 

This escorted Pilgrimage to India is recommended for those who wish to experience the spiritual side of India at it’s best.  Focusing exclusively on reverential visits to the places associated with the great Guru Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda and His spiritual lineage, this journey of the heart takes you to northern India to visit many of the places described in the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. 

You will thrill at seeing the lofty Himalayan mountains and you will blissfully float on the ancient holy Ganges River, but even greater experiences await you!  On this soul-etching pilgrimage, you will soar in gratitude as you take the dust of Babaji’s Cave or sit under the litchi tree where The Master taught on the sacred grounds of Ranchi.  Your heart will know the grandeur of immersion in lofty thoughts of The Great Ones as you visit the spots hallowed by Them, and you will be floating in joy each time you give your heart in stillness to the spiritual vibrations that abound in these holy places. 

The Pilgrimage to India! is offered twice every year in spring and fall at sometime during the months of Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov.

Two, three, and four-week pilgrimage itineraries are offered each time. 

Travel in India is by many conveyances and could include car, train, private coach, jeep, boat and/or bullock cart!  Large cities, village India and mountain woods hamlets are traversed. 

Accommodations include the YSS Ashrams, hotels, trains, and private residences of YSS devotees.

Group size is limited to 10 devotees of Paramahansa Yoganandaji over the age of 17.  Youth groups are welcome if supervised by adults.  Specialty groups are welcome with six month advance reservations (young adults, seniors, all men, all women, meditation groups, etc.)                                                                                                              

Some of the Legendary Places associated with our line of Guruji’s:

Agra- Taj Mahal Guruji visited here with Daya Mataji
Brindaban/Mathura associated with Sri Krishna
Delhi - YSS Delhi Center, Shopping

Kathgodam – Ma’s vision of Babaji 

Ranikhet – Lahiri Mahasaya called here by Babaji 

Dwarahat – YSS Ashram and Babaji’s Cave 

Kolkata – Guruji’s 4 Garpar Road home and family, Levitating Saint Bhaduri’s ashram, 50 Amherst Street, and much more! 

Dakshineswar – Kali Temple, YSS Ashram on the Ganges 

Serampore – Sri Yukteswarji’s ancestral home and YSS mandir 

Ranchi – YSS Ashram and headquarters 

Perulia – YSS Girls School 

Varanasi – Babaji, Mataji, Lahiriji, Trailanga Swami, Kabir, sunrise boat ride and sunset aarti on the Holy Ganges 

Puri – Sri Yukteswarji’s Samadhi Mandir, Sri Chaitanya’s Ashram, YSS ashram, Arabian Sea 

(Note that all pilgrimages do not go to all of the above places. Please email for upcoming pilgrimage itineraries.) 


Pilgrimage Cost

Your Pilgrimage to India! cost will include almost everything while you are in India: all meals and bottled water, all transportation in India, accommodations on double occupancy basis, taxes, entry fees, baggage portage, guides, tips – almost everything is included while you are in India except personal expenditures such as laundry, phone and cyber fees, shopping, medical, escort gratuity, temple flowers and donations.  International airfare is not included.

The exact cost of the Pilgrimage to India!  depends on many factors; length of time, places visited, world conditions.  When you email for upcoming itineraries, price and policy information will be included with the itineraries.

Your Pilgrimage to India! also includes  personal planning help on topics such as packing, medical, cuisine and nutrition, cultural norms, safety tips, and personal preparation.  Once reserved, all of your India visit questions will be answered via unlimited email access to our Escort-Coordinator.

Preliminary preparation, personal planning guidance, and help for your Pilgrimage to India!  begins when you make your deposit.   

In-depth preparation, packing and travel tips, cultural information, Pilgrimage Countdown Calendar, fully notated and detailed Pilgrimage Itinerary and much more begin to be transmitted to you via email upon receipt of your half payment. 

Last preparation information, flight tips, and ongoing cultural info will be sent after receipt of your final payment. 

 To begin your personal Pilgrimage to India! process, email us at

 Paramahansa Yogananda, in the book “Second Coming of Christ” has written:

  “There is also great value in visiting places where saints have lived. …such places are forever permeated with the vibrations left there by the divine souls who walked those grounds. Their vibrations will remain until this earth is dissolved. Where souls have communed with God, there you will find greater communion and response from God. Often such pilgrimages completely change one's life for the better.” 

Special Notes:

You can depart from any airport; our Escort-Coordinator will help you with these arrangements and will meet you in India.

Good health is a requisite to travel in India; a Medical Statement and Liability Waiver will be required.

India, like the world, is changing rapidly; don’t wait.  Experience the spirit of India now!


Payment is made either by Credit Card through the use of PayPal, as described below, or by check or money order made payable to "CLF" and mailed to:

Conscious Living Foundation

1110 Oberlin Drive, Suite 202

Glendale, CA 91205

Your reservation will be confirmed upon verification of deposit. 

Payment by Credit Card Through PayPal:

If you prefer to pay for our tour through the use of a credit card, please click the button labeled "Buy".          

PRICE: $300.00
Reservation Deposit



Upon verification of your reservation deposit, you will be contacted directly to make arrangement for payment of the remainder of the fees and for clarification on which itinerary you prefer.





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