“Abundant Blessings"

Meditation and Affirmations CD For
Conscious Money Circulation
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Abundant Blessings © contains a meditation and affirmations for Conscious Money circulation. The meditation guides you within, to a place of centered calm. Affirmations of abundance and gratitude play in the background while you pay your bills or any time that you would like to be uplifted.

Play this CD and transform the mundane into the miraculous as you pay bills with gratitude and JOY!






Janet Carol Ryan, RScP

Creator of Abundant Blessings

Spiritual Counselor

The Recording:

Would you like to have a greater feeling of being in the flow of abundance? Is the activity of paying your bills a time of stress and anxiety for you?

The meditation, affirmations and background music on this CD were created to provide an uplifting and expansive experience of abundance and prosperity while paying bills.

After a brief introduction, the meditation takes the listener into a place of centered calm and peace, connecting with the infinite Source of all. This consciousness of connection continues with affirmations that can play in the background.

Abundant Blessings © is a new 'sound-track' for transforming bill paying into a spiritual practice of circulating money with gratitude and joy.


Not only was I thrilled at the idea of having a practical, tangible tool to work with in regards to the activity of bill-paying but I was equally thrilled with the product itself. Janet has created a beautifully crafted CD that reminds the listener that we live in a limitless world.   Combining her soothing, eloquent voice and inspiring message to my personal relationship with money has created wonderful shifts in consciousness.   Let's face it, in our day to day lives on this planet, we could all use reminders to assist us out of worldly messages of limitation. Abundant Blessings is a heaven sent reminder.  - Rev. David Ault

I have listened to your cd each morning - it perfectly captures the concept of abundance and in the most natural way infuses a knowing of being supported by our Divine source. I am currently on a buying trip in Asia for my business, and just yesterday one of my vendors commented that the money is just something that flows from me, to him and beyond. I was pretty surprised by his comment - not typical of the usual mindset in this country, yet a clear reflection of the deeper connection I feel with the people I am doing business with. I hope you make more CDs that carry the same tone and style and format Thank you. Thank you!  - Francine Huss

  listened to your CD this morning, what a healing experience - I am so grateful that you put this together. It is done so sensitively and with such love. Everyone needs a copy and I see this taking off as one of a series. Your voice is your instrument. Love, - C. J.

Janet Carol Ryan

It is my joy to participate in the great awakening of the power of the heart to heal, transform and reveal the Divinity within.  I began my training in metaphysics in the mid-80s with a master teacher, Tamara Diaghilev in San Francisco. In these teachings I found the deep resonance with what I had known as a child. In the magic and wonderment of nature, in the spirit of joy and delight, we find our heart.  When I was 9 years old I used to pretend I was an alchemist – now I work with the power of the Word in affirmative prayer to turn ‘lead into gold’!

After 25 years in the field of philanthropy and community service, I began my formal training and received my license as a Practitioner of Religious Science in the year 2000.

 In my spiritual counseling practice, I see my role as a catalyst – that element that encourages and amplifies the Divine qualities that are inherent in all of us.  I combine the practical application of  universal principle and affirmative prayer with further training I have received from the Institute of Heart Math, on accessing the power of the heart to relieve stress and open to our center of creative wisdom.  Another strand of teaching I have received and share is that of the creative power of the voice to heal through sacred sound.

 I offer classes and workshops to create an experiential field of learning, growth and connection with the divine in all.

 If you would like further information on my work and how we can activate the Divine in your life, please visit my website:  www.janetcarolryan.com

 I wish you every blessing.





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