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Issue Number 106

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If you are interested in having a personal consultation regarding the practice of meditation, affirmations, or other matters having to do with spiritual practice or personal growth,  or just need help in getting your life back on track, please email us to talk about it.  

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Thinking In A Certain Way For Wealth - Wallace D. Wattles

 "Many people fail to impress Thinking Substance because they have themselves only a vague and misty concept of the things they want to do, to have, or to become.

 It is not enough that you should have a general desire for wealth "to do good with"; everybody has that desire." -  To read the complete article, click Here.

Think Positively To Avoid Memory Loss

In a study published in the journal Experimental Aging Research, they found that seniors who do not believe in the negative stereotype that memory loss is a natural occurrence in old age did better on tests than other elderly people.

'Older people will perform more poorly on a memory test if they are told that older folks do poorly on that particular type of memory test,' Dr Tom Hess, who headed the study, said in a statement.
He and his team tested memory performance of adults 60 to 70 years old and others who were 71 to 82. In addition to doing more poorly in tests if they bought into the negative stereotype of aging and memory, seniors also performed poorly if they thought they were stigmatized, or looked down on, because of their age.  To read the complete article, click Here.

The Power of Silence

 Modern humans have lost touch with their inner "true  self". Silence and stillness are a means to recovering happiness and contentment.

In the modern world silence has practically ceased to exist. The human race has stamped its authority over the planet Earth not just by covering its surface with concrete and destroying its plant and animal life, but also by burying the natural sounds of the Earth beneath a cacophony of man-made noise. We live our lives against the background of this cacophony, with the jagged mechanical sounds of urban-industrial society continually assaulting our ears: the roar of cars, aeroplanes and trains, the clanging and thudding of machinery, the noise of building and renovating, the chatter of radios and TVs in other people's cars and houses, and pop music blaring from every conceivable place.  -  To read the complete article, click Here.

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The Conscious Living Foundation

The Conscious Living Foundation was created to encourage living with more awareness - to wake up to the joy and positive significance of each moment.

 Regardless of how you are able to interact with CLF, whether through our quotations and affirmations, newsletter, telecourses, free e-books, prayer and affirmation pages, email, videos or CDs; we encourage you to join us.  It is our intention to provide products and services, at prices that are within reach of everyone - that will in practical, pragmatic ways serve you on your path to growth.

The wisdom that we seek is already within us. All that is needed is the process of uncovering it. By joining the threads of our mutual wisdom, shared in a compassionate supportive way, deep positive growth is possible.  To discover more about what CLF is, click Here.

This Month's Article: The Importance of Receptivity

As we experience the day to day challenges of life and sometimes the tragedies that life can offer; it's easy to forget that there is a God; let alone, that God is good and is blessing us in each moment - despite the appearance of outer circumstances to the contrary.

However, the nature of God, of Spirit, is one of complete, infinite, all permeating, all present good.

So, why do bad things happen to good people?  The age-old question persists.

First, just as an experiment, let's imagine that such a nature, such a vibration or presence exists that when we experience it; we are filled with such over-whelming joy, health, confidence, satisfaction and sense of completeness that there is no room in our consciousness for any doubt, hesitation, pain or worry.

The great ones of all major religions have said that such an Essence exists and that it is the stuff out of which creation is molded.  Those who meditate deeply have verified for themselves that such is the nature of reality.

So, why aren't we always saturated in that Goodness?

We were created with the power of choice - we have the freedom to make decisions (consciously or unconsciously) about everything in our lives.  When we choose the positive, more positivity tends to flow into our lives.  Likewise, when we choose the negative, more negativity tends to surround us.

If we are to be consciously aware of and embrace the Good which is flowing over us and through us, we must be receptive to it.  Just as a particular frequency of waves which constitute a television broadcast channel are always present, but we don't perceive them unless we make the decision to turn on our television; likewise, we tune in to the Good around us through receptivity.  But, we have to choose to be receptive and take the actions necessary to be receptive.

How do we become more receptive?

First, remove the barriers to receptivity.  The barriers are the thoughts and feelings that fill our day-to-day consciousness.  Things like: worries, fears, anger, resentment, jealousy - in other words, negative emotions.  However, other thoughts also act as static to our receptivity: such as constant mental planning, practicing future events, remembering past events and actions, etc.

All of these thoughts and feelings have a rightful place in our lives.  However, if we set aside some time each day to still those thoughts and feelings, we develop the opportunity to remove the barriers and static that block our receptivity to Good.

So, essentially, when we still our mind and feelings and body (in other words, meditate), we open the door for increased receptivity to and perception of Good.

This practice functions like a magnet in that the more we practice, the more easily and quickly we start to perceive greater Good entering our lives.

In addition to removing the barriers, we can also take positive action to increase our receptivity.  Imagine and visualize that you are standing alone under a waterfall of every good you can imagine.  Take the time to stop for a moment and think about how you would feel if every good you could imagine was rolled up all in one and given to you - in overflowing measure - all worries gone, all health restored, prosperity renewed, realtionships healed, happiness unbounded -  penetrating you, bathing you, over-whelming you with all Good.

Once you can generate that feeling; take the time to feel it regularly and go deeper and deeper with the feeling.  Although practicing this anytime has a great benefit; practicing this visualization at the end of meditation has a tremendous effect.  Be sure to "feel" the reality of the visualization.

In addition to just "feeling" all your good, you can also affirm at the same time: "Every part of creation is perfectly shaped and molded to manifest all my Good, all my success, all my blessings.  With joyous expectation, I gratefully receive them all now; and continuously in every moment of my existence."

As in all practice of affirmations, the more you can deeply feel the meaning of each word; the more effective your affirmation will be.

As we practice receptivity more often and with greater depth, the practice becomes more and more easy..  

What is more fascinating is to watch how your life changes.

God loves us with a love beyond our comprehension.  He/She doesn't just love us from afar and as a group - Spirit love you personally.  You are a unique creation and God took the time to create you just as you are - and with the expectation that you would become something ever greater and more beautiful.  

God's love for you is not conditioned on what you've said or done.  God loves you no matter where you go or what you do.  It is only our guilt that creates the barrier.  Ask forgiveness, let go of the guilt and try to do better.

In fact Spirit is pouring all of the blessing that we can imagine into our lives in each moment.  As we become more receptive to those unending blessings; our lives change - for the better!

Your health will improve, new doors will open to greater financial abundance and all of the good which was just around the corner will arrive.

Take the time to become more receptive to that One who is the source of all Good - overflowing blessings await you.

Holding you and your loved ones in Spirit's ever-lasting light and love,


William Simpson
Founder and Director of the Conscious Living Foundation
Author of "From The Path - Verses on the Mystic Journey"


The Conscious Living Foundation