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                                  What is the Conscious Living Foundation?


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The Conscious Living Foundation was created to support and encourage living our lives with more awareness - to wake up a little more to each moment - to live our lives more consciously.    

CLF is a new organization and it is continually evolving and changing as we who are interacting with it continue to improve our ability to collaborate, cooperate and change.

Part of CLF’s purpose has to do with a recognition that people, at a certain stage in their life, decide that they want more.  Not more things, but more consistency between what they wanted their lives to be and what their lives have become.                     

We believe that those people are serious about their personal transformation.  They want to learn, they want to change, they want to grow.  CLF wants to support and encourage that kind of personal change.


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One of the ways that we attempt to fulfill that mission is through the products that we offer.  Many of us do not have the time, in our busy schedules, to attend regular classes; yet, at the same time, we want to cultivate our further personal or spiritual growth, learn to relax, improve our health or increase our self esteem.


To that end, we offer audio CD recordings on a variety of topics, many with practical, hands-on techniques to encourage daily practice and growth.  You will be amazed what a difference even a small amount of daily practice can make in your life.  For most people, listening to encouraging, growth supporting, affirmative thoughts, as provided in our CDs, very quickly improves one's attitude and emotional state. 


To give you an idea of the quality and substance of our audio products, we offer an extensive selection of free, downloadable samples of all of our products.


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In addition, we also offer video products to achieve the same end - to offer to you, inspirational and practical products to help you transform your life in the most positive way possible.

In order to offer these products to the greatest audience possible, we make our strongest effort to keep our prices as low as possible.  Thus, you will find that most of our audio and video products are usually 30% to 50% lower than similar offerings.

Classes and Telecourses

Another way that we attempt to fulfill our mission is through offering location based classes and telecourses.  Within them,  we want to facilitate the sharing that occurs when a teacher genuinely cares about his subject matter and his students. 

We seek a return to the historic relationship between teacher and student in which they mutually explore their areas of study, authentically supporting each other to greater growth in their mutually created environment. 

Regardless of the type of class which you may experience through CLF - whether it relates to acting, business, raising children, improving our health, meditation or overcoming our childhood conditioning, there are some elements which they all share.



Dedicated Teachers –

Those who teach within CLF have expertise and experience in their areas of interest.  But, beyond that, they have a genuine caring and concern that within the context of the class, healthy relationships be created and nurtured.  They not only want to support your learning, they want to support you in the process of learning.

Openness and Honesty -

We make every effort in all our interactions to be "real".  By that we mean, to act and speak with integrity.  We mean to be trustworthy and encourage those values in all with whom we interact.  


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Respect -

We value each other and we attempt to put this valuing into practical application through our interaction.  We recognize that we all are connected and share the same experiences, life and kinship.  We have made, and probably will continue to make mistakes, and don't require perfection from each other in order to honor each other.

Vulnerability -

Most of us walk around with our defenses up.  We learned as little children, that our vulnerability was an open invitation for others to hurt our feelings.

The duty to be invulnerable runs deep within some cultures.  As an example, at least in most western societies, we have learned that being a man requires an impenetrable wall around our feelings.  We are taught that men should never show their feelings or perhaps even admit they have them.


    This social indoctrination and protectiveness of our childlike selves has become so habitual that generally, we no longer know that we have barriers.

However, these same barriers prevent us from experiencing significant portions of our lives and inhibit us from communicating from and to our deeper selves.

In our interactions within CLF, through the gradual process of speaking from a deeper place within ourselves, we discover, in ever increasing ways, that we are safe to communicate from our hearts, to share our tenderest thoughts and feelings and that to do so rewards us and those around us.
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Vulnerability converts from being a weakness to a positive tool for growth.

A Safe Environment -

A sense of safety and support is essential for growth to take place.  This sense of a protected, sacred place is created by all of us, to our mutual benefit.  When we know that we are safe and will be nurtured rather than hurt, everything flows toward deepening awareness.

Sharing -

When we feel that the environment is safe and nurturing and our barriers naturally start to be reduced, we allow into ourselves, for the first time, a tremendous receptivity to real learning - real, personal experience.  And, often, the experiences that enter are ones centering on the core, unanswered issues that we have been able to avoid in the past:  Who am I, really?  What is the purpose and meaning of my life?  How can I find genuine, lasting satisfaction?


    What a weight off our shoulders, when we finally realize that we are not alone in our fears, burdens, uncertainties and insights!  When our barriers are down to “listen”, we are able to learn from each others experiences.  

A genuine connection often grows between the members of a class or telecourse, that allows us to deepen our understanding through the lessons we learn from each other's feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Regardless of how you are able to interact with CLF, whether through our classes and telecourses, or this web site, our products, or our newsletter, emails or bulletin board; we encourage you to join with us in whatever way is comfortable for you.

The wisdom that we all seek is already within us.  All that is needed is the process of uncovering it.  By joining the threads of our mutual wisdom, shared in a compassionate, supportive, directed way, deep positive growth and transformation is possible

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