Tours and Pilgrimages to India
Custom or Pre-Packaged Tours Leaving Throughout The Year







In our attempts to offer new products and services which support your efforts in personal and spiritual growth, The Conscious Living Foundation is offering escorted, custom, and pre-packaged tours and pilgrimages to India.

 All of the visits to India include personal planning help that includes topics such as packing, medical, cuisine and nutrition, cultural norms, safety tips, and personal preparation.  Once reserved, all of your India visit questions will be answered via unlimited email access to our Escort-Coordinator. Spring and fall are the best times to visit India; each spring and fall we offer two types of tours to India:


Tour No. 1 - Exotic India:

Exotic India!   is a personal horizons adventure; explore those parts of India that are personally calling to you, or join a pre-packaged adventure taking in the most popular highlights of this diverse and colorful country.

American-born with a great love and knowledge of the Indian culture, our Exotic India!  Escort-Coordinator has the perfect blend of East-West experience and expertise to make your journey to Exotic India! more than you could dream of! 

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Tour No. 2 - Pilgrimage To India - A Journey of the Heart:

Pilgrimage to India!  is a spiritual pilgrimage to places associated with the great Guru Paramahansa Yogananda as He writes about them in the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

 Our American-born Pilgrimage to India! Escort-Coordinator has been an SRF disciple of Sri Yoganandaji for many years and is especially attuned to these pilgrimages as a reverential journey of the heart.  The pilgrimage groups are limited to 10 devotees of Sri Yoganandaji to enhance a more peaceful journey.

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