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Online Meditation Workshops

Make New Spiritual Friends -

If you don't currently meditate in a group or perhaps you don't feel like driving, don't have transportation or perhaps you are unable to leave home - try meditating with other like-minded individuals here at The Conscious Living Foundation.

If you have a computer and an Internet connection, join our Director, William Simpson in his online meditation workshops.  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, the workshops offer a wide range of techniques of meditation, affirmation and visualization.  All of the techniques are directed at practicing the art of relaxing, stilling the mind, and uniting with a new and deeper joy, hope and peace.

The workshops last approximately 1 hour and include time for discussion and questions and answers.  The suggested donation is $5, but we encourage you to try your first workshop at no charge

The workshops include the use of an online telephone technology, but there is no cost to you other than your donation.  No equipment is required other than the speakers on your computer system and a microphone, if you wish to participate in the discussion at the conclusion of the meditation.

Instead of watching television, promise yourself one hour every week to do something more positive, more uplifting and encouraging.  Give yourself the gift of new hope, improved health, and a happier attitude. 

The direct path to greater love and wisdom lies in regular meditation.  Discover the joy and peace of meditating together.





Please include your Name, Time Zone and Days of the Week and Times which you would prefer for meditating together.


We are attempting to maintain a maximum group size of 6 people, all of whom are in the same time zone.


This is a great way to connect with friends who are no longer living close by - share the experience of meditating together - or make new friends in the workshop.



Because the leader of these workshops is on a book tour during August, all current workshops will begin again in early September.  Email us now to be included in the creation of several new groups that will begin upon Bill's return.


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