Finders Keepers?

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 The Book

One of the best multicultural books for children. Timeless and universal values for children are emphasized in this absorbing book set in India.   The book is based on a charming true story about a boy who found the author’s lost wallet and could not understand why he should be rewarded for doing the right thing!

- Winner of 2005 Mom's Choice Award                          - Winner of IPPY Ten Outstanding Books of the Year

- Winner of IPPY Most Inspirational to Youth Book        - Winner of Benjamin Franklin Silver Award — Multicultural

- Winner of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

An exceptionally well written book for all ages....The best children's book I have read in the past twenty years."
- James Sellman, M.D., Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychiatry & Integrative Medicine

A warm and touching tale for a reader of any age. This colorful glimpse into India's diverse landscape, culture, and daily life is bound to delight as well as educate the reader."
- Prem Kumar, Ph.D., Founder/Director, Indian American Education Foundation(IAEF)

"Sumptuous jewel-toned paintings with Indian motifs…[and] tantalizing travel morsels…engage readers…."
- School Library Journal

"Gorgeous illustrations and global message…a wonderful book…teaches multicultural respect, character education skills, self-esteem, tolerance, and cultural awareness…[students] wanted me to read it again immediately after I finished."
- Teachers' Choice Awards Panel

"Finders Keepers? is a wonderful journey for children....This personal experience provides a meaningful way to better understand people of a different land. The lesson shared transcends all cultures and religions and is needed now more than ever."
- Chantel Dunham, Director of Development, University of Georgia Libraries


The Bus Ride
The bus was packed with people and their belongings. Most of the women were dressed in brightly colored saris.* Many of the men were wearing traditional clothes and had colorful turbans on their heads. They had full mustaches that curled at each end. The rainbow colors of their clothing gave the inside of the bus a festive look.

Though most passengers were strangers to each other, we quickly became like a big family traveling together. Some people shared food, and others passed young children and babies around, perhaps to give the mothers a rest. The children were happy and contented to be entertained by total strangers - even by me!

I knew I was far from my home in the United States when I watched a man take off his turban. To my surprise, I saw that on top of his head was his lunch. It was several flat pieces of bread called chapatis* and a few carrots. I had never seen anyone use a turban and his head as a lunchbox!

I Meet a Monk
Our rickety old bus chugged up the rugged mountain and finally we arrived at Mt. Abu. I was staying in a Hindu* monastery that is called an ashram.*

An old monk greeted me at the door. He was a tall man with a long, gray beard and gray hair. He wore a wool sweater, a cotton wrap-around skirt called a lungi,* and a pair of sandals. I wondered how he stayed warm on such a cold winter's day. What attracted me most was the friendly sparkle in his eyes.

After dinner, we sat around a small fire. The monk told me that he had spent many years as a hermit living in a forest and praying to God. "The Lord is my provider. I don't need to own anything to be happy," he said to me.

As I lay in bed before I fell asleep, I thought about something else the monk had said: "All men are my brothers and every woman is my mother."

The Author and The Illustrator:

Robert Arnett is the author and photographer of the internationally acclaimed book India Unveiled (available on this site) that has won 3 national book awards. It is probably the only book on India ever written in the West to receive official recognition by an Indian Prime Minister.

A native of Columbus, Georgia, Arnett has a Master's Degree in History from Indiana University. Undergraduate studies were at Tulane University, University of Georgia, and the London School of Economics in England. While serving nineteen months in Turkey as one of the youngest Commanding Officers in the Signal Corps, he taught History of Western Civilization for the University of Maryland, European Division.

Smita Turakhia was featured illustrator and gave presentations on Indian culture at the Multicultural Book Festival at Kennedy Center in, Washington D.C. and at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas. Turakhia has participated in The South Asian Literary and Theater Arts Festival at The Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.

Mrs. Turakhia's portfolio includes illustrations for The Journey to the Truth, an award-winning CD-ROM that depicted for the first time the messages and metaphors of the Bhagavad Gita in the Warli folk art style of India.

A graduate of Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, India, Mrs. Turakhia also studied fine arts for two years at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and studied under one of India's Gold Medal artists. She currently resides in Lake Jackson, Texas with her husband and two daughters.

Product Details: 

  • 32 pages, 11 1/8" x 9", Hardcover
  • Includes Glossary, Pronunciation Chart, Self-help Guide, and Index
  • 34 Original Colored Illustrations
  • Ages 4-12 years
  • ISBN: 0-9652900-2-6













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