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"Blessings to you all.  As we continue to move on our own path that leads to who we really are, may we remember that loving ourselves is the most healing thing we can do.  I hope you enjoy singing along with me.  Right now, why not make one of your dreams come true."

Cheri Lynn -

from "Songs For The Soul"











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The Author

Affirming yourself is an act of kindness.  Affirming yourself is giving yourself permission to fully embrace and love the grand creative being you are.  My vision and desire for creating "Songs for the Soul" gave birth while retreating at a natural healing center in Aguada , Puerto Rico. 

Our voices are  powerful tools in healing.  I have been singing ever since I was a child.  It seemed only natural to arrange these affirmations to simple melodies that were easy to remember and sing along with.  I repeated each affirmation three times to implant their message in my subconscious mind. 

Thank you for joining with me as we affirm our souls with song and in so doing  HEAL!"   Blessings and Angel Hugs, Cheri Lynn

The Recording:

An affirmation is a statement of truth.  Practicing affirmations is a way of selecting a statement of truth and then placing it deep within our consciousness so that the truth contained within it, becomes internalized and genuine to us.

We all “know” many things.  However, “knowing” something, in and of itself, does not make it “true” to us.  We can read all about oranges; we can look at pictures of oranges and we can talk to people who have eaten oranges.  But, until we taste the orange ourselves, we do not truly understand the full truth about what an orange is.

 Likewise, we can experience the “truth”, the real nature, of many more subtle and essential concepts by “tasting” them.  One of the capabilities of an affirmation is to provide us with a “taste” of the subject matter of the affirmation.

By adding music to the affirmations, they easily sink deep within the subconscious and remain there almost effortlessly.  It is our hope that you will find these affirmation songs of benefit.

The Affirmation Lyrics:

1 -Trusting

I trust the process of life. I am safe and sound

I trust the process of life. I am safe and sound

I know that life will always support me

My feet are planted on the ground.

I trust the process of life. I am safe and sound.

 2 – Open

I am open to the universe

To receive all my good.

I am open to the universe

To receive all my good.

And my angels bring me blessings

I receive them one by one.

 3 – Willing

I am now willing to see my own beauty

I am now willing to see my own soul.

I am now willing to see my magnificence.

I am now willing to see me whole.

I am now willing to see my own beauty.

I am now willing to see my own soul.

 4 – Harmony

Harmony surrounds me

And I am the center of love.

I listen and hear all the pleasant and good,

For I am the center of love.

 5 – Let Go

I joyously let go,

I joyously let go,

The past is just the past,

I joyously let go,

 6 – Live In The Now

I choose to live in the now,

Releasing and clearing the past.

By choosing to live in the now,

My peace and joy will last.

 7 – All Is Well

All is well with my soul

I am safe, I am whole.

And I open my heart

And speak the truth within my soul.

 8 – Release

I lovingly release the pain, the guilt, the past.

They all are free to go, and how I’m free at last.

I lovingly release the pain, the guilt, the past.

They all are free to go, and how I’m free at last.

 9 – Tall And Free

I stand tall and free, tall and free.

I love myself and approve of me.

 10 – My Greater Good

I’m moving towards my greater good,

Surrounded by it everywhere.

Secure and safe and not alone,

Rejoicing as I travel home.

 11 – Go Ahead

I give myself permission to go ahead

I give myself permission to go ahead

It’s safe to move.  It’s safe to move.

I give myself permission to go ahead

 12 – I Choose

I choose kindness

I choose love

I choose pardon

I choose peace

I choose blessings, joy and faith.

I choose truth

I choose life

I choose grace

I choose light and hope and praise.

I choose ones with creation

I choose me and you.

 13 – Serenity

Serenity, serenity,

Serenity is my natural state of mind.

I’m moving towards my inner peace

Tranquility, serenity are mine.


Download Audio Samples Here (click on your choice):

7.  All Is Well                                      5.  Let Go

4.  Harmony                                         8.  Release

12.  I Choose                                        10.  My Greater Good

11. Go Ahead                                        9.  Tall And Free



"Songs For The Soul" is recorded by Cherie Lynn

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