“Yosemite Suite"

Music by Larry Leeder

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The Artist: 

Larry has been involved in music since he was 4. Over the years he taught himself to play guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, flute, oboe, bassoon, sitar, tabla, and santoor (hammer dulcimer).  He played in various jazz-fusion bands in high school and after majoring in music at Arizona State University, was fortunate enough to study Indian classical music with Pandit Ram Narayan (Indian master of sarangi).


The Album:

Rich with a woven tapestry of lush but delicate sounds, "Yosemite Suite," is a musical landscape sure to transport and calm the heart and soul.  Larry Leeder's deft skill at several instruments is never heavy handed; neither are the arrangements too light and ethereal; there is a genuine, well studied artist within these colorful melodies and tones.  These are musical compositions one can return to again and again for inspiration and encouragement - just like the landscape that inspired them.


Songs on the CD

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1) Rim of the World
2) Still Rising
3) Beyond the Summit
4) Views From the Summit
5) Opalescence
6) Alpenglow
7) Ascent

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