“Daughter of Love"

Music by Cherie Deeds

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The Artist: 

Cherie Deeds is a phenomenal singer/songwriter/keyboard player with a wide range of styles; from pop to jazz and r&b to country.   Cherie started her musical career at an early age. She started taking voice lessons at the age of 11. She has studied under Seth Riggs and Phil Groves and was a music major at UCLA. At the age of 14 she went professional when she joined an all girl vocal band called Ronnie’s Angels. From then on she went on to join various other bands and has performed in many venues in the Los Angeles area.

In the early 1980’s Cherie formed her own Entertainment Agency called Excellent Entertainment. Cherie has written many songs and her works have been produced and recorded by talents such as Nashville producer/songwriter Robert Jason and Dharmapala Records’ David Gregoli. Currently Cherie is the Musical Director at the Westlake Church of Religious Science in the Los Angeles area. She recently performed at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza with author Marianne Williamson.


The Album:

Set in a pop music style - contemporary, rhythmic and rich with vocal harmonies and enchanting melodies, Daughter of Love speaks with an uplifting, encouraging tone of a life moving forward and upward.  As we listen to Ms. Deeds singing from her soul to ours, we are also drawn into her joyful dance with Spirit.

One reviewer said, "This is so uplifting! My kids even love to listen to it. Beautiful clear vocals and the lyrics are so great. It's a must for anyone who cares and loves."


The Lyrics to Rich Beyond Measure -

Years of living has led me to see

Just how pure spirit moves through me

It takes pleasure in giving me all

It moves and inspires me to answer it’s call


I am rich beyond measure I have all that I need

The more that I give, The more I receive

I give thanks for the knowing

I give thanks for the showing

I am rich beyond measure, I am


Love moves through me and i let it flow

It comes back to me as all that i know

I am the vision I dream

I create every moment of life into being


I am love- ….- I am grace- ….

I am spirit…. – I am beauty…

I am peace…-- I create…

All the good all the best for myself and the world

I am rich beyond measure…



Selections From The CD

(click on the hyperlinks to download audio samples):

1) Road Less Traveled
2) Miracle Begins With Me
3) Speaking Heart To Heart

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