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 The Book

5 Gifts For An Abundant Life is a handbook to a consciousness of wealth.  The book is designed to guide readers into the experience and subsequent embodiment of five spiritual principles and practices that will assist them in revealing the Abundance Consciousness that is already within them. From the Introduction through the Conclusion, the GIFTS – which is an acronym for Gratitude, Intentions, Forgiveness, Tithing and Surrender are identified and presented in a variety of practical ways so that the reader feels inspired, safe and nurtured to welcome them into their own daily spiritual lives, and thus change their experiences of lack and limitation.

The entire book is woven together with a metaphoric scenario featuring a Mysterious Stranger’s arrival at the reader’s birthday celebration to bring 5 GIFTS to them. As the book progresses, the reader is invited to unwrap each package.  Contained within each of the 5 presents are symbols of that particular spiritual principle, instructions for its use, followed by the author’s narrative about the power and impact of each GIFT.

Included in the GIFT chapters is a pertinent passage from a modern day mystic on the subject of each gift.

To further inform and involve the reader on this journey of discovering and living a life of abundance and prosperity in every area of their lives, a Personal Success Story from a student of the   5 GIFTS for an Abundant Life! class or one of the author’s counseling clients is included in each GIFT chapter.

So that the reader can truly experience the power of Gratitude, Intentions, Forgiveness, Tithing and Surrender, one or two exercises are included in each GIFT chapter, to be done alone or with the support of a Prosperity Prayer Partner with whom the reader has been invited to share this journey.

And finally, each GIFT chapter contains an invitation to the reader to give an immediate gift to themselves, in honor of having begun to master the principle and practice just completed.

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Preface From The Book (excerpt)

We Live In A Finished Kingdom - All Is Perfect!
We live in a Finished Kingdom. All that we could possibly want, need or desire is already in form . . . or in an idea that would create it. We have been told through the ages, “It is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.” We live in a friendly universe that is designed to support us. We are the direct descendants of the Infinite Source of All Good.

There is a place inside of you and me where this truth is alive and well. This place is the home of our Divine Nature. It is the source of our longing to experience a life of prosperity, affluence and fulfillment. This yearning is far more than an ego directive to be happy and successful in the world--although we usually are happy when living an Abundant Life. I believe it is a true calling by the God Presence within us to more completely express the truth of our being. This book is my invitation to you to let yourself feel that deep yearning from within to live fully expressed, fully supported by good health, abundant finances, rewarding and wholesome relationships, and abounding opportunities to give your unique gifts to others.

The 5 GIFTS I am sharing with you are based on the wisdom I have gleaned from the Divine Power I call God, the God that is within me and within you. You may not believe in God or even a Higher Power, or perhaps the God you know lives separate from you in the heavens, the animals, the plants or the seasons. Your God may have a different name . . . Spirit, Divine Intelligence, Intuition, Life, Sacred Heart, Allah, Mana, Krishna, or something else. When I use the term God I am referring to the Invisible Spirit that takes great pleasure in “giving us the Kingdom.” (Please read these pages using whatever name you wish for the One Source.)

If we were to recognize that God is Whole, Perfect and Complete, it would be impossible to attribute any idea of lack, limitation, disease, pain or poverty to Spirit. If we were to further recognize that we are divine expressions of God we could also deduce that we would be out of alignment with our spiritual natures if we entertain any ideas of lack or limitation.

I suggest we do recognize and fully accept these premises, realizing that it is our very nature to be the Abundance of God. (To be the Abundance of God means to believe in, to trust, to express and to know ourselves as the Abundance of God.)

When we agree to the premise that we are expressions of God’s Abundance, what do we do with the old beliefs we have put our faith in up until now? What can we do with those beliefs that have repeatedly demonstrated themselves in our lives as experiences of “less than enough” of what we truly desire—financial hardship (money), illness (health), co-dependent and unsatisfactory relationships (love of self and others), and unfulfilling jobs that just pay the bills (fulfillment in careers that showcase our gifts and talents), to name a few.

We simply let them go. Knowing that we have tried every which way to “make them work,” we finally allow ourselves to let go of them. We release all of those limiting ideas and beliefs with love. And we release them with gratitude for the ways in which they have served us, both consciously and unconsciously, up until now. By releasing our limiting beliefs we reclaim the power they have had over our lives. We free ourselves from the illusion of not enough.

The process of freeing ourselves from this illusion has all the elements of an adventurous journey. This book is a guide for that journey - from these limiting beliefs into a consciousness of wealth. It is the greatest journey life has to offer because of the transformational gifts we receive along the way. There are five of them . . . hence the title of this book, 5 GIFTS for an Abundant Life.

The word GIFTS is an acronym for the five principles we encounter on our journey: Gratitude, Intentions, Forgiveness, Tithing and Surrender. I call them GIFTS because these spiritual principles open us to an awareness of the abundance that is our Divine Nature. When we receive the 5 GIFTS we move from our limited mental understanding (in the mind of our minds) of these rich spiritual principles to a full acceptance and intuitive knowing of them (in the Mind of our Hearts). At one and the same time, that journey from head to heart is the shortest and the most fantastic journey of our lives. By shifting our focal point from the mind of the mind (the rational thinker) to the Mind of the Heart (our intuitive Knower), we are re-routing our perception of everything, including our definitions of ourselves. This journey moves us from lack thinking to abundance knowing, from apparent separation from our Source to acceptance of our divine destiny as God’s living revelation of infinite supply and unconditional love.

Gratitude . . . Intentions . . . Forgiveness . . . Tithing . . . Surrender. Why these particular GIFTS? Because each of these GIFTS has been carefully “test driven” for the power to shift consciousness. The ancient and modern mystics alike, no matter what their root tradition, have consistently named these five principles as essential disciplines of any spiritual practice. We can use these spiritual principles to change our beliefs and, as a direct result, we will change the experiences in our lives.

We have the power as spiritual beings to transmute the appearances of the conditions we see about us. In other words, we can use our inner eyes and ears to see and hear beyond what is delivered by our five senses. But how do we access these inner senses? By putting the 5 GIFTS into practice—that is, by receiving and giving them.

Gratitude, Intentions, Forgiveness, Tithing and Surrender have the power to transform our experience of life, allowing us to consciously connect with the vast invisible realm that lies beyond the finite, “sense-able” world. These 5 GIFTS enable us (without denying, minimizing or overriding any of the facts of our three-dimensional reality) to embrace the multidimensional Reality of Life. In this Reality we are not distracted by the “appearances” of the human condition. In this consciousness we are immersed in Divine Wisdom and we know who we truly are.  We are Spirit . . . Love, Beauty, Harmony, Joy, Abundance, Peace.

The time is at hand for us to make this leap of consciousness from lives run by self-limiting beliefs based on sensory information to lives run by our souls’ vision of what is possible. It is time to make the journey from the mind of the mind to the Mind of the Heart. Our destination, which we will discover to be our greatest joy, is to know that we are already living in the Finished Kingdom.

My intention is to empower you to receive and accept the 5 GIFTS as the vehicle for your journey. I invite you to release any idea that your journey has to be hard or that you’re not strong enough, smart enough, young enough, old enough, enlightened enough or good enough to begin. If you, instead, live in the expectancy that this transformational trip is going to be fun and joy-filled . . . what a gift you will be giving to yourself!

With Abundant Blessings,

Rev. Diane Harmony

The Author:

As recounted in her award winning book 5 GIFTS for an Abundant Life, just a few short years ago, Diane Harmony found herself attending her daughter’s wedding with no money. Unable to pay for her hotel room, breakfast, or to make good on her promise to give the couple a coveted gift, she spent the night before the ceremony in agony and defeat.  How, in her late 50’s had she gotten herself into that horrible place? What transpired that dark night changed her finances and her life forever.

Prosperity Guru, Edwene Gaines says of Diane:  “She offers us a fresh and vibrant way to look at time-honored prosperity principles. She helps us to see with new eyes, to act with a deeper understanding.”  A powerful and passionate speaker, she focuses on the 5 proven principles for a life of wealth that are explored in her book. Called a "Professional Presenter with Heart" she shares her personal journey of awakening - and that of many of her students and clients - with humor and practical ideas. Diane draws on her years of platform and classroom experience to clearly deliver her message and inspire her listeners to change what needs to be changed to live the abundant life they were born to live.

Diane is in the business of personal and spiritual empowerment. She is a Minister of Religious Science, Spiritual Counselor, Platform Speaker, Workshop/Class Teacher and Facilitator, Author and Guide on Spiritual Retreats. Diane's mission is to bridge the apparent gap between the material world and the spiritual world; between who someone may think they are and who they have the inherent potential to be; between the human form and the sacred soul.

In the last 20 years, Diane Harmony has evolved on her own personal journey through the study and practice of clinical hypnotherapy, private spiritual counseling and as an ordained minister in a trans-denominational church. A mother of five children, Diane spent her earlier years as marketing, advertising and public relations professional.

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Author: Diane Harmony
Edition: First
Publisher: Universal Harmony House
ISBN:  0-9742749-0-9
Pages: 176, 6x9, soft cover







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