“The Ocean At Dusk”

A Practical Video Relaxation Guide

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  • Do you need to relax?

  • Are you feeling stress most of the time but don't know how to get rid of it?

  • Are you having trouble getting to sleep?

  • Are you really resting when you finally get to sleep?

With all the duties and pressures we experience in our daily lives, one of the needs which many of us have, is the need to relax after a stressful day. 

 After coming home from work, some of us are tired, but tense.  Finding an efficient way to wind down and be more present and relaxed for the rest of the evening, is a recurring challenge.

 In addition, many of us have trouble getting to sleep at night because the mind is still worrying about the day’s activities. 

Further, after we get to sleep, it may be fitful and shallow because of our continued internal processing of the day’s mental and emotional stimulation.

 In an effort to respond to the need to relax and the need to have a peaceful night's rest, we have created “The Ocean At Dusk”.

"The Ocean At Dusk" Video DVD and CDs offer a practical, realistic method of letting go of those thoughts and feelings that entangle and knot body and mind.

If you will dedicate just 15 minutes of your time, either when you first get home from work, or just prior to going to sleep, sitting comfortably in your chair, or lying in your bed, you can find a deeper peace, a deeper relaxation, a sense of lightness and freedom and perhaps even a feeling of happiness and joy.

The DVD Video:

In the Video DVD there are 4 different relaxation options from which you may choose. Each uses the same video footage and lasts 15 minutes. However, you may find that each is most effective at different times, in different ways:

- The "Guided Relaxation" may be the most effective when you have not used the DVD previously. It is the most specific in supporting increased relaxation.

- The "Inspiration From The Bible" may be most effective when you want the mind to be directed away from worry and focused on uplifting thoughts.

- The "Ocean And Music" is more subtle in its effect, by allowing the power and sound of the ocean to relieve tension, while being supported by soft music in the background.

- "Just The Ocean" is the healing majesty and beauty of nature enveloping your senses and mind without any other additions.

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View Streaming Videos Here (click on your choice):

"Guided Relaxation" - Broadband

"Guided Relaxation" - Dial Up

"Inspiration From The Bible" - Broadband

"Inspiration From The Bible" - Dial Up


RealPlayer is required to view these videos.  If you do not have it installed on your system, it can be downloaded for free, by clicking Here.


The two remaining video titles, "The Ocean And Music" and "Just The Ocean" are only available through purchase of our DVD product.


Please remember that the quality and display size of the streaming videos which you see on this web site, because of the limitations of internet technology, are vastly inferior to those on our DVD.


However, we have provided these videos in their entirety and without interruptions or distractions so that you can not only get an idea of the content which is available in our DVD, but also so that you can use the streaming videos to help improve your life.   If you are unable to purchase the higher quality products, we want to be sure that you have access to some version of these videos.  We care about serving you.


The range of video quality and display size is as follows:

DVD - Excellent Quality

Internet Broadband - Adequate Quality

Internet Dial Up - Minimum Quality


"The Ocean At Dusk" series is narrated by William Simpson, the founder and director of the Conscious Living Foundation.          

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