For Yourself:  A Class In Female Sexuality

4 One Hour Classes Over The Telephone with Patty DeFrancis - $50.00

Wednesdays  7 - 8 p.m.


   The Workshop:

All of us have different thoughts, attitudes and feelings about our own sexuality. What we experience in all aspects of our lives, is a reflection of our own thoughts and beliefs. Applying this same principle to our sexuality can lead to a new discovery and understanding of who we are as human beings with healthy attitudes, healthy self concepts and healthy sexuality.

This class is geared specifically for women only who have not yet experienced an orgasm.   If you are "pre-orgasmic" or want to know more about the emotional and physical components that make up this condition, please join us.  By the end of our class series you will be empowered to accept and enjoy your own sexuality in a new, healthier and greater way.

Subjects Covered Include:

  • Taking Responsibility For Your Own Sexuality
  • Getting In Touch With Your Sexual Responses
  • Physiological Aspects Of Reaching Orgasm
  • Gaining A Sense Of Control And Self Confidence
  • Learning To Communicate With A Partner

  The Teacher:

Patty DeFrancis, after finally awakening to her dissatisfaction with her own sexuality, has spent the last several years learning everything available about the development of healthy sexuality.  She has realized that self esteem and a healthy attitude about sex comes from giving ourselves permission to simply love ourselves. She is very passionate about what she has learned and wants to share her knowledge with other women.

She has been the Toastmaster for Toastmasters International, Pasadena Chapter, and is an active member of the Metaphysical Church of Religious Science. She has most recently been a "love consultant" for a company that educates women on sexuality. She has also taught on how to journal on Gratitude, Truth, and Courage and is currently writing a book called "Faking It," that tells the story of her own struggle with self esteem and sexuality.

 If you would rather take this class at our South Pasadena location, click Here.

The Way Our Telecourses Work:

Telecourses are informational and educational classes conducted over the telephone on a bridge line.  They are similar to conference calls.  Instead of having to travel to a classroom to meet with an instructor, you take classes in the privacy of your own home, office or other place of your choice.  Instructors meet with the callers (the class) and present their class materials, no differently than they would if you were sitting in a classroom face-to-face with the instructor.

They are time and cost efficient.  No special programming, hardware or technology is required. You can connect to the calls using your ordinary home or office telephone.  

After enrolling in your telecourse workshop series, you will be sent an email containing a telephone number along with tips and details on how to get the most from your class time.  When you call that telephone number at the time set for the class, you, the teacher and the other students will all be immediately connected together. 

You will call 1-702-XXX-XXXX (Las Vegas) where the telephone bridges are located.  You will pay  your regular long distance charge to reach the 702 area code. 

As you know, there are a variety of long distance telephone companies, each with a variety of plans, so there is no sure rule of thumb for determining your long distance cost.  In our brief survey of "state to state" phone charges, we found that most carrier charge between 5 cents and 9 cents per minute.  This means your phone bill for a 1 hour workshop could range between $3.00 and $5.40.  Please check your phone bill to determine the exact amount of long distance phone charges you would incur from participating in our telecourse. 

You can call from anywhere in the world  The system is automatic -- no PIN codes or operators.  Everyone dials the same number and they connect automatically.  The system connects people as they dial in; everyone hears a little beep when a new person has joined  After the call, everyone just hangs up 

The beauty of a telecourse is that the only equipment needed for participation is a land-based telephone. Cell phones do not work well for a telecourse, as they often create static on the line.  Other items that we suggest you have available during a telecourse are a notebook, paper and pen or pencil, and any notes that have been sent to you in preparation for class. That's it!

Computers are not a required piece of equipment during the telecourse. However, class registration and all correspondence outside of the telecourse itself is done via web-based and email interaction. Many instructors also send class materials and other resources to students via email.

A telecourse is designed to provide a learning opportunity as well as an opportunity for people from around the world to ‘meet’ and learn from one another.  Enjoy yourself,  participate in the class when appropriate, take away with you something that has meaning and value to you, and use it to build from. Classes are very similar to those you may have taken in traditional classrooms, except they're over the phone.

Class formats vary depending upon the content and goals of the class. Any handouts, manuals, etc. needed for class will be sent to you via email prior to the start of the first session.

To Enroll For Class:

Payment is made either by Credit Card through the use of PayPal, as described below, or by check made payable to "CLF" and mailed to:

Conscious Living Foundation

1110 Oberlin Drive

Glendale, CA 91205

The telephone number to call to attend the workshops and all support materials will be emailed upon verification of payment. 

Payment by Credit Card Through PayPal:

If you prefer to pay for your telecourse through the use of a credit card, please click the button below labeled "Add to Cart".  This will take you to the PayPal web site where you may complete your transaction.

"For Yourself:  A Class In Female Sexuality

4 One Hour Classes Over The Telephone with Patty DeFrancis - $50.00



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