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Teacher - Juan Pablo Girardi


Spiritual Psychology: 

The Gateway to Healing and Freedom



Saturdays 1 - 3 p.m. ($25 per class) 

Pasadena Church of Religious Science

277 North El Molino Ave., Pasadena


   Seventy years ago Carl Jung said that psychotherapy deprived of spirituality is often ineffective. 

This series of interactive workshops is carefully designed to give participants a step by step immersion into a variety of psychophysical methods and techniques to achieve a profound transformation of body, mind and soul through the integration of both psychological and spiritual insights. 

Some of the class titles include:   

The Art of Acceptance

Eliminating Negative Thinking

Discover Your Life Mission and Live an Authentic Fruitful Life

Developing a Healthy Ego

Affirmations that Really Work


Service leads to Oneness

The Path of Creativity

How to Grow Spiritual Children



The fee for the class is $25 for each session.  Each session will last for 2 hours.  Enrollment requires payment for the first two classes in advance.

To Enroll For Class:

Payment is made either by Credit Card through the use of PayPal, as described below, or by check made payable to "CLF" and mailed to:

Conscious Living Foundation

1110 Oberlin Drive

Glendale, CA 91205

Payment by Credit Card Through PayPal:

If you prefer to pay for your workshop through the use of a credit card, please click the button below labeled "Add to Cart".  This will take you to the PayPal web site where you may complete your transaction.

"Spiritual Psychology:  The Gateway to Healing and Freedom

First Two Classes - $50.00



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