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Product Catalog :: Candles
Bamboo Candle (7")
$9.95 (U.S. Only)
Bamboo Candle Boat
(3 Wick)
$15.95 (U.S. Only)
Bamboo Candle Trio
$19.95 (U.S. Only)
Bamboo Candle With
Sea Shell
$8.95 (U.S. Only)
Tamarind Wood Votive Holder with Carving
$7.95 (U.S. Only)
Three Elephants
Tealight Beam
$18.95 (U.S. Only)

Tranquility Tealights
$14.95 (U.S. Only)
Large Bamboo Candle Set
$49.95 (U.S. Only)
Handmade Triple Wick
16 oz Organic Soy
Candle Twelve
Unique Fragrances
Handmade Organic
8 oz Soy Candle
12 Unique Fragrances
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